Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Problem with Capitalism

so:: I'm really questioning that Christmas Day switch that flipped in my brain ------

Capitalism has its problems.

Such as::: even if you really did try working, any number of things may go wrong such as people just not paying you for your work. And then you're out of luck.

The only reason I've been able to get by is because of the provincial disability payments I receive.

Though I was working from 2010 up until very recent years:::: typically, people just decided to NOT pay me a blasted cent.

There's nothing reliable about making a living through such a system!! and if part of the problem is that people just don't have money, then I guess society is just screwed as a whole then, isn't it?

Yeah ---- that's a very basic problem that might exist in capitalism:::::: not getting paid regardless of how hard you've tried.

And another problem might be that there's no employment or you've got no good ideas. Then you are hosed there too.

For SOME reason they say Universal Basic Income is not socialism::::: whatever that reason is, it just becomes notable that benefits from the government might ever become necessary to survive.

So::::: just in a few sentences, I've come up with some very real-world explanations for why capitalism doesn't work.

There's always a complete likelihood that you'll need some kind of benefit from the government. It may not be outright socialism:::: but it's definitely not quite capitalism either.

So::::: maybe my brain just wasn't working properly, maybe I was having a "pipe-dream" for a moment on Christmas.

Yeah ----- a simple problem with capitalism might be that it doesn't matter how hard you try:::: people might just decide not to pay you. at all. Then you're hosed.

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