Friday, December 28, 2018

Reading a Book Written by someone I probably once knew

So last week I think it was I decided to Google some names of old friends I knew.

One of the names revealed a series of books.

The name of the author and the name of my old friend were the same, as far as I am aware.

I bought his book, and have been reading bits of it.

On a side note:::::: I was having really good luck with the lottery for quite a while before I bought this book -------- I fear by having bought this book I've besmirched the goodness of my own name and have brought bad luck on myself. This may be seen as a joke, but it might be a well-founded fear.

So:::: This is a book about religion.

And the kind of religious belief expressed in the book is similar to what I knew of my old friend with the same name as the author.

I am willing to bet the author of this book really is someone I once knew.

And based on my relationship with him at that time, well, this book explains a lot.

The author doesn't believe in hell.

Well, not believing in hell would explain why the class at school he was a part of was so completely misbehaved.

This book appears to be a kind of religious thought trying to merge Christianity with Buddhism (which is something I would believe to be true about my old friend) ----- but I'm pretty sure in Christianity there is a hell, and in Buddhism there is also basically an equivalent of hell in the afterlife -------- so seeing as how he's trying to combine two religions that both believe in some horrible hereafter, and then tries to explain in his version that such a horrible hereafter as hell does not exist -----

well, I'll just say my old friend from school was entirely confused.  And yes, after looking at the writing in this book, I am 99% certain I knew the author at one time.

The other comment I will leave about this book:::: The book tries to be some kind of "ascended masters'" teachings book, so it's just strange how it doesn't even touch on metaphysical laws like the Law of Attraction.

It DOES mention karma ----- but there's really no discussion on metaphysical laws, so I'll have to guess that yes, this book is by someone I once knew, but I don't put any trust in it.

Especially as he took two religions that both believe in some form of hell, and mixed them together and then said: "there is no hell".  He is confused as ever.

But yeah ---- the class he came from was entirely misbehaved, so what can I expect?


In other news, I created another small development project on my 1.4ghz Mac Mini. It's just a small project to do a large number of calculations.

I'm saying this just so I can observe that there really is a reason dev-type computers are typically high-end ------ the 1.4ghz Mac mini is just so slow for development. Yeah.

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