Monday, December 31, 2018

A Really Fun Dream

It's now 3:03am. I woke up at about 2am. I feel well rested. I don't see much hope for me falling asleep again this morning, so I'm just going to do what I normally do in the morning. Drink coffee, sit around, think, ponder, maybe read.

But the dream I had before I awoke, the dream that awoke me to feeling well rested at 2am.

There were three parts:::

1) I took my guitar, (an acoustic guitar), fretted my fingers into A Major, and started trying different strumming styles or patterns.

Though my guitar is acoustic, for some reason the music was sounding very electric, and I sounded excellent and made different types of sounds based on different ways of strumming.

I have to say:::: I'm really still only a beginner at guitar in real life, I"ll just accept this part of my dream as encouragement to try strumming in other experimental ways rather than just downstrokes that I've been used to.

I have no idea if different types of strumming will really make me sound that good ---- and an indication the dream was unrealistic is how the acoustic sounded electric. But it sure was fun!

Part 2) I decided to show my new playing style to my sister. All of the sudden my guitar playing sounded very Hawaiian.

I'm guessing this might be because my sister is teaching her kids to play the Ukelele, and the Ukelele is a Hawaiian instrument. Who knows why my 6-string guitar was sounding Hawaiian in the dream though. I don't know.

Part 3) A band, in my dream, invited me to rehearse with them. They wanted to hear me play. I asked what Chord they wanted. They said "E Minor". The fun thing is that I actually know what that Chord is too, and I was consciously able to play it in my dream. I was doing some more of that strumming stuff from Part 1, when I woke up.

The dream of playing guitar and sounding good was just such fun for me. Obviously, the dream wasn't entirely realistic, but it almost felt like an encouragement to develop my skills.

How am I doing in guitar in my waking life? Well, during the Christmas Season  I was rehearsing one song over and over again::: Jingle Bells. My parents were telling me I was getting better and better.

In practice, I was able to switch between G Major and C Major and made it sound at least decent if not good ----- but when actually playing, my switch from G Major to C Major could have been better I think.

Because Christmas is over, I switched to a non-Christmas Guitar book and have been learning a bit about a different piece of music. I've learned a bit about playing Tabulature now ---- but some of the upcoming music I"ll be learning looks really difficult in the Tab.

And of course, I would probably want to get an electric guitar ----- but there are three things holding me back:::: 1) Where would I put it? 2) Coming up with the money and 3) My parents think one guitar is enough because an electric might be too loud.

But I really have to say::: Learning an instrument and learning to play IS ACTUALLY FUN.

All throughout my schooling days, Music class was never in my style. I never even took a music class except for maybe a bit of Mandatory music in Elementary school.

I'm realizing how much I've missed out now. Music just wasn't a part of my family's ability I guess. I am noting that my family just wasn't very musical, so I stayed away from Music in school.

Why finally get into music? Thanks to the inspiration of Avril Lavigne really. And I am thankful for it. It took me a very long time to finally make the leap.


In other news:::::

My Mom basically more or less enforces Sabbath Day observance in our home now ------ so on Sundays I don't go anywhere usually

But the good news is this:::: when I was having illness problems, part of my illness was a very big loss of my attention span or my attention abilities.

But, I've now recovered well enough that I can sit down and play a video game for 2 hours. I only stopped playing because I figured I should --- so I could stand rather than just sit down.

I also had a 2 hour period of sitting in my really comfy chair and reading a book. Again, I decided to stand because I figured it might be a good idea to get back up again.

Yeah. So when I was ill my attention span was really, really suffering. Now that I'm recovering, I can sit there and engage in an activity for 2 hours straight. This is wonderful. I am so happy. My brain is coming back to me.


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