Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Story Continues

I've always had a habit of regularly checking my banking information.

When I found $360 in an account a few days ago (I should have taken a screenshot) and had no idea where it came from ---- and later checked again to see that the money had just disappeared ---- well, I've been more hyperactively checking my accounts lately, I guess.

Scotia iTrade has or had a banana statue on their front page. That just makes me feel special.

Then yesterday some investment company phoned for me (I was unavailable) and I was feeling very leary about it --- so I blocked their number. This can especially be explained by the facts that I'm introverted and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia previously ---- maybe I'm just paranoid.

Anyway, I woke up this morning, and was "hyperactively" checking my accounts again ----

when the mobile banking app of my prepaid MasterCard at a Canadian bank told me my account was "temporarily suspended" and they had a phone number I could call them at.

I neglected to write down the number, so a little while later I decided to log into the same account on my Mac and see if I could get the number to write down ----- but by the time I had logged in on my Mac ---- my account appeared to be back and operational ------ no more mention of any suspension.

So::: There are 3 different banks here I've mentioned in this post, Scotia iTrade, my Prepaid card bank, and the account of another bank, oh, and some investment company that didn't interest me especially because I have psychological issues about dealing with people, especially on the phone.

Something is really going on here.

Most of the time I tell the bank I get my money from disability ---- that's for some reason important to them, and really, I practically don't make money from the work I did so I just leave it set to "disability" -----

Except for Scotiabank. Once Scotiabank phoned and they asked me where I get my money from and I told them I was on disability but that I did try to sell products without much success ----- later I noticed they marked me down as "self-employed".

So:::: All the banks have me as "disabled" except for Scotiabank which decided to mark me as "self-employed".

I just use the "disability" ticket because I practically didn't make money from my work.

But ----- now I just have to really wonder. What does the bank know that I don't know?

is there money lying in wait for me? Why are all these banks "in on it"?

There's another bank I use ----- the place where I do most of my banking ----- and they haven't said "boo" yet.

There's really something going on it seems like. I wonder if I'm about to get paid for my past work from years ago.

Is this a good or a bad thing? Like----- what if someone is really trying to seriously "covertly" scam me ----- in a way I had never before suspected could happen?

Or maybe I made lots of money on a past project, and now the bank is wondering if the money is legitimate? I don't' know.

I've just been sitting here living on AiSH for years now---- what could suddenly really be so different?

What could have happened? I can think of only a few potential possibilities:

1) Payment from past work.

2) A gift?

3) Inheritance?

4) Some kind of big scam?

I dunno.


There's one more small possibility::::

A while back there was.a Japanese person writing to me offering me lots of money.

My family and friends didn't believe it ------ it wasn't realistic to them.

But what if something is actually happening on that end????

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