Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Research on the Note

I found a note in my bedroom when cleaning up.

The note had information on it ---- and I could not see any reason at all why the note would even be in my bedroom.

But, a little while ago, I decided I might as well just look up the name of the person on the note on a search engine.

Well, I didn't realize this at all until the search engine results came:::

There are TWO DIFFERENT famous people with the same name. Or two different public figures, so to speak.

To narrow this search down ---- there's the profession mentioned on the note.

If you look at the profession "vaguely" ---- then either of these two people might be the person.

If you look at the profession "specifically" ---- then it appears possible that the note actually refers to a third person altogether who isn't even mentioned in the search results.

I'm not even going to touch the medical condition on the note. I would have no idea, and I suspect maybe that most people might have no idea ----- unless for some reason it was mentioned by someone publicly, but I'm not about the research that.

So::: this famous name is someone or a name that I never talk about. I didn't even realize it could be a famous person until I did the search.

Though this might seem to be the kind of thing I would be up to considering all these things that have already happened --- I'm just going "I don't wanna I don't wanna I don/t wanna I don't wanna".

To be honest::::: Just finding name and information written on a note is not information I'm necessarily inclined to act on. At all.

Last time I found a note:::: the one that purported to be from Jesus, nobody really believed Jesus actually wrote it and it was considered a sick prank. Heck, I myself was accused of writing the note.

So:::: when it comes to getting magical information, having a physically written note is kind of a bad way of doing it since anyone could have written the note for any reason, and someone might just accuse me of writing the note. As such, I am left unsure if this is really worth acting on in any form.

If GOD really wanted to talk to me, to make me do something ---- a better way to communicate the idea with me would, in fact, be to use telepathic communications or even the fabled disembodied ghostly voice.

Even though everyone else can look at me and tell me I just made up that kind of communication or that I'm just crazy ----- the thing about disembodied voices is that they can't be faked necessarily by someone who .is just trying to cause trouble ---- and that way I would have a more sure idea of what to do or to proceed with some kind of action.

I think the simple truth is, that if God were to speak to you, no matter what you did there could always be someone who disbelieves and wants to blame it one pranksters or your brain chemicals or whatever ----

but receiving a message from God in the form of a disembodied voice is far more believable to the recipient than getting a handwritten message.

I'm sure God COULD write handwritten messages if he wanted to --- but there's a matter of "what can I trust?"

God COULD also just speak to you, at that point, you know what you know, and then only people who did not experience the same thing would not know ---- not that the message was for them anyway.

So:::: I may have a mysterious note in my bedroom that should not be there by any reasonable means ------- but it's just a note, and it might not at all be important in any way -------

If someone acquired access to my house, they may have switched out the book and placed the note ---- this makes the information completely misunderstandable and not worth acting on.

I suppose God could have also somehow changed the book and left the note ----- but at this point in time, the information is still just too confusing to really do anything about.

And I don't think I even want to step into the world of other famous persons again. No thank you.

Simple fact is:::: either history is repeating in that GOD has written at least 2 notes to me now -----

Or it's a simple fact that someone has access to my room when they actually shouldn't have access to my room, and any amount of madness can start happening at that point.

But the simple fact is this:::  A few years ago Youtube was showing me videos of security camera footage of POLTERGEISTS in action.

The day after I watched those videos, I had my very own poltergeist experience in my own house.

So really, anything is possible.

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