Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Received a Phonecall

A little while ago my Dad reported to me that some investment company was calling on the phone for me.

Whether they want my money or want to give me money, I already have every idea that I'm not interested in talking.

Besides which --- I looked their number up online and the information I found said they were a scam.

From 34 years of life, I've learned that I cannot trust kids at school, that I cannot trust my church, that I can't even necessarily trust my own family, and that healthcare also has problems sometimes -----

and when I try to sell a product, turns out I can't trust the vast majority of society to actually pay me either.

In fact, I'm just so leary of people in general, that I'm really not interested in talking to really anyone outside of my pre-existing social circles. In this sense --- yes I am disabled --- but it's a protection I have to put up because of how badly I'd get repeatedly burned in the past.

So::: when I already know I'm probably not interested, and I have some idea that very few people really are trustworthy, and then I look up the number online and the information says this phone number is a scam who shouldn't be talked to----

Yeah, I'm going to BLOCK that number.

I'm not interested in being owned by anyone. if you want to see me succeed in my business --- then try actually paying for my products or donating bitcoin to my bitcoin address. It's not hard. And no --- I'm not for sale.

And if you think I have a lot to offer as an investor, then you really haven't been reading my blog.

Look, I don't need any great deal of investment or anything, I can live my life fine the way it is ----- if you want to kickstart me or support my business, I've already stated where you can go.

I'm not for sale. I'm not even a corporation.

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