Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Looking Back and Wondering ???


Today I received a phonecall ---- I hate telephone calls ----- and the subject of the call fits pretty good into the world of scams, so I blocked the number.

Emotionally::: I sensed some pretty good clean emotions for a while, but just a moment ago I sensed emotional pain ------ so I have to wonder if I just blocked something that was actually legitimate. Again, I apologize for not being so business savvy.

Looking back, here's a list of things that have happened in the past while:

1) Received email inviting me to publish in new upcoming game store ULTRA.

2) Money appears in one of my accounts, and then disappears.

3) Scotia iTrade have a banana statue image on their front page.

4) I found a note in my bedroom about "a person" ---- no details on what to do about that though.

5) My copy of The Miracle of Forgiveness book was either switched out by a stealthy person or the words on the page magically just changed.

6) There's today's phonecall from a supposed investment company.

Am I forgetting something? I've also been cleaning up my personal living and work areas. And playing more games with my family. And I'm getting better at playing Jingle Bells on guitar.

Oh --- and there was a family incident, which shall remain private ---- but yes this incident also borders on the paranormal in a way.

Well, it definitely looks like something could really be going on and it might be good and important ---- so I'm sorry for hurting the feelings if they were actually legitimate.

I just hate telephones.

I have no problem receiving email. I can even chat on Facebook if you talk to me on Facebook.

You could probably even leave a comment on this blog.

But a mysterious telephone call that sounds like it borders on scammy? Not much interested.

So:::: I might just not be very business savvy. Maybe there really is something important going on --- and I may have hurt feelings by blocking a phone number. I just have to be really careful. And I don't like telephones very much.

I'm sure there's all kinds of things I could do with my life, with my abilities and talents ---- but part of my problem is that I'm not very social. It's hard for me to want to talk to people. I can talk to people in my little social circle fine. But I just have some kind of psychological problem where talking to the strangers on the phone doesn't interest me.

But --- if you send an email, leave a comment on this blog --- or if you contact me on Facebook or maybe even Twitter ----- then I will probably be more interested in seeing what you say.

Of course, I did recently get contacted on Twitter ----- but again, that just looked pretty scammy.

So:: this blog post is looking back, seeing that there's been a bunch of interesting action in recent time, and wondering if it is actually for real.

Also letting you guys know that I really just do not like the telephone. There's too much crap that goes around. I am very suspicious.

I could probably even handle contact on Twitter ----- but the one tweet someone sent me recently didn't look legitimate.

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