Wednesday, November 14, 2018

I'm Feeling Very Lucky

In my last post, I said there was a giant banana statue in a promotional picture in an email from my brokerage.

I will now say that if you go to that they have the promotion with the image on their front page ---- a big yellow banana right there, with the two children playing.


Oh ----- and they let me know what kind of money you need to take advantage of their promotion:: anywhere between $10,000 and $1,000,000 is required. For the brokerage promotion with the big banana statue. Too rich for me.

I think it was on Monday I felt an urgent need to go to the mall as soon as possible, withdraw all the money from my savings account, and invest it in the Bitcoin ATM.

I felt so uncomfortable waiting for my Dad to start his day --- because I do not drive and I would need his help to get to the destination.

I told my Dad "I don't know if it's a prompting from the Holy Ghost or what --- but do you know how it feels to feel an urgent need to go somewhere but my driver is taking 5 hours to get his day started?"

Anyway --- my Dad got dressed faster ------- he intended on getting an oil change anyway ------- we got there. The oil change company was full that day ----- no hope for my Dad to get that service done.

I walked into another part of the mall and withdrew all my savings.  Then, I went to the bitcoin ATM.

The ATM could not connect with the server it used.

So ----- I had all this money in my wallet, and one of the big reasons the economic system of the beast should be avoided was the reason I was unable to do the transaction I intended.

So:::: I was out of luck ----- I felt a huge urge to get that day started, and neither goal was completed ----- and I thought it was maybe the Holy Ghost talking to me! What gives?

Well, all I accomplished was to empty my savings so I couldn't earn any more interest on that account.

Anyway --- the next day my Dad and I went to a different mall. This time he was able to get his oil changed quickly.

While the oil was being changed, I went shopping in a store, looking for items of interest to me.

Anyway ---- the amazing thing is this:::: I FOUND A JACKET THAT ACTUALLY FITS ME!

For years, ever since I was in my teens, I have NEVER REALLY been able to find clothes my size in retail stores.

There was never any point for me to go shopping because retail stores NEVER had anything that would fit me!  And this was since my childhood! I've been going over 14 years not being able to shop retail because usually there's nothing that fits me.

I figured I had to always buy clothes online for the longest time ---- and even then it would be trial and error, to find out what really fits me.

Anyway ----- the short of it is I actually found a jacket that actually fits me. And it was a good price too.

So today I decided to go shopping again ---- and lo and behold I found two shirts and another jacket that ACTUALLY FIT ME!

I mean! Wow!! THIS NEVER HAPPENS. I had just taken a pile of money out of the bank, and now that I've gone exploring some stores ---- I'm finding clothes that are actually pretty much FOR ME!

Anyway ---- so at first it was unclear why I felt such an urgent need to go to the mall, because we didn't accomplish anything except withdraw a whole bunch of cash --------

and in the following days I found there were actually items in the stores that I could actually spend my money on!

Anyway ----- and there's one more story.

For quite a while I've been mentioning this Law of Attraction concept where you are supposed to imagine checks coming in the mail rather than bills --- this is supposed to attract money.

Well, I woke up this morning, I checked my accounts on my iPad ------ and I found a bonus $360 in one of my accounts that came from I-don't-know-where.

This is the stort of thing I remember hearing about years ago on Christian television where they'd tell people to order some holy water and money will start magically appearing.

I didn't order any holy water, but yeah, I was surprised to see unexpected money in one of my accounts.

I was thinking::: If this is not a bank error (though I didn't know from where the money came) ---- then with this money, plus with my credit card, and money marked for savings next month --- I should be able to buy a new mac mini with pretty decent specifications.

But, as is to be expected when money shows up in an account and you don't know why, later in the day when I checked the same account::: the money vanished ----- nothing there anymore ----- it must've been a bank error.

Anyway ------ I'm just having lots to feel good about now.

It is really quite beautiful for me to now start finding clothes that fit me in retail stores.

And lastly, I was able to clean up one of my desks a lot ---- so now the space in our home looks a lot nicer. I threw out old paper receipts and junk --- I decluttered. So that's also nice but only worth a footnote worth of mentioning.

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