Sunday, November 18, 2018

I found a note

In the long tradition of things magically going missing, things magically being there that we didn't know where they came from ---- and so on and so forth,

I was cleaning my bedroom some more today ---- and I found a note.

I have absolutely no idea where this came from or why it was in my bedroom.

I do not know who's writing it is. I do not have a pad of paper in my bedroom for this kind of paper. But this paper and this writing somehow happens to be here.

The note has a name on it, I don't know the person, it has a profession, it has what looks like a medical condition, and it has a length of time on it.

So:::: why is this in my room and what am I supposed to do about it?

Am I supposed to somehow pray or use magical energies of some kind to help this person or something?

Don't tell me I'm actually supposed to track this person down ---- that wouldn't make sense and is probably not really legal.

I don't know. It's a note from who knows where written by who knows who about something I have no idea about. And it just happened to be in my bedroom. Huh.


Before I turned on my Mac Mini to write this blog post, I thought of a calculation I wanted to do. I figured my Apple IIc was the best place to do the work.

I actually found that I could do calculations in the millions. Much bigger numbers than 16-bit numbers. Very interesting and very cool --- although there's probably an explanation for that.

I think Apple II is so awesome I kind of wish the product would be brought back for modern mass consumption again ---- although I'm not sure if people would actually be interested anymore considering all the stuff we have now.

It's just this::: Macs and PCs are good and fine, but for some use cases, all you really need is an Apple II. I'm sure a TI-Graphing Calculator might make sense as a replacement for Apple II ---- but sometimes just want to have that full-sized keyboard instead of a handheld device. And a bigger screen.


So, considering how I'm finding pretty much "plentiful" amounts of clothing my size in the store now ---- I'm planning on buying more clothing, hanging it up on my wardrobe ---- and now that I'm stocked with clothing my size I'll now be able to take more of my older smaller clothing to the thrift store now. Not really important to mention, but I want to say it because this aspect of life is exciting to me.

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