Friday, November 23, 2018

I Actually Took an Investment Phonecall

Well, a similar phone number to the earlier phone number called --- and I picked it up.

It was for me. It was the investment thing.

They were wondering if I wanted to invest in "naturally colored diamonds".

I'm pretty sure that's what they said. "naturally colored diamonds".

OK ---------

When I said I was very low on the upper-class scale earlier:::: I think we have different definitions of what that means.

There are two different ways to look at "class" that I know of.

There's the how much you make way, like, upper class would make $500,000 a year. THIS IS NOT ME.

There's the other way of determining::

Lower class buys stuff.
Middle class buys liabilities.
Upper-class buys assets.

I am somewhere in the middle to upper category on this scale. When I consider myself "upper class" ---- I mean I buy assets and have paid off my debt. When I say I'm on the "low" end ---- I mean I'm really not worth much, but at least I'm comfortable and not worrying about debt anymore.

But, diamonds are out of my price range most likely, and really, I'm just on disability.

Yes --- I'm a disabled person who invests. I'm VERY LOW on the upper-class scale.

And I don't want to be taking phone calls about investing. Not normally at least.

Anyway --- both these investment phone numbers are back on the BLOCK list.

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