Thursday, November 22, 2018

Facebook Contact

I'm just going to mention that the weird banking incidents have continued. I'm not sure I even want to describe it.

I'll say this much:::

One bank was weird.

And then two other banks MIGHT think I was a bit weird --- although it could also be seen just as business as usual.

The bank that was weird today ---- too weird for describing on this blog. Maybe there's an explanation, but really, if I told you it might blow your mind how weird it is.

And then someone DID contact me on Facebook today.

The famous horror author Michael McCarty was chatting with me today. He's a personal friend of The Amazing Kreskin.

What I'll share on this blog about it is this::: he decided to share a couple posts on his blog with me, so I think I'll just repost the links here.

(read the paragraph below the links for a content warning)

By all means, visit his blog if you are interested. However, coming from a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints perspective, depending on what kind of Saint you are, the content of some of what he says might not be to your suiting. But, if you consider the actual truth of church history, then it is just fine. It's just from the perspective of knowing how some Saints try to be so absolutely perfect that such content probably might not be permitted if they really are that extreme about their beliefs. Should I just say some of the content might just be a bit on the adult side? is that all I should say about that?

And I actually decided to unblock that investing company's phone number last night. No, this is not an invitation to call me, I still don't like telephones, but I am having some realization that the call might have been important.

The real problem is when those "binary options" people contact you and never leave you alone. If this is just another one of those "binary options" type investment companies ---- yeah, I'd block them again in an instant. That's the major fear I have about such things.

UPDATE November 23rd (The Next Day):::::

So, there must've been a reasonable explanation for that weird thing that happened at the bank --- whatever it was, it's past now, so I'll just explain it now because since it was fixed it's now less mind-blowing and now more interesting.

I had spent all my money on my prepaid card until I had about $5 left. (plus cents).

I had a $5 fee coming up.

an automatic $2 purchase came up --- I had about $2 left (plus cents).

I put $85 onto the prepaid card, bringing the available credit up to about $87.

The $5 fee came. My new available credit was $90. (mind blown).

yeah --- that was pretty weird to pay a fee and then see the amount of money available to me increase instead of decrease. No, I didn't take any screenshots, but I'm sure of what I saw.

Anyway, the whole reason I'm posting this finally is because later the available credit was set to $82, where it should be.

Yeah, that was weird. Not sure how to describe it other than it was very interesting.

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