Saturday, October 13, 2018

Wondering about Alex

I had a friend growing up. He was a good friend. We spent a lot of time together.

When I became mentally ill, he was over at my house, and I decided to kick him out. No --- it wasn't very kind, and I'm sure he may have been very offended over it.

The truth about why I kicked him out of my house::: I didn't really want to end the friendship, though that's the way he took it ----- I was just so completely horny at that time that I needed him to leave so I safely relieve myself.

I wonder about him.

Years later, I tried befriending him on Facebook --- but I think he rejected me, maybe he was still offended.

So:::: Alex, if you are out there, I wonder how you are doing, and I'm sorry I was too horny to have you over at my house that day and apparently anymore.

Alex, what my years could have been if we had stayed good friends. Although --- I also, along with the supposed mental illness, had a sudden change of ideological loyalties --- so maybe that would have been a problem for us.

Anyway. I remember what it was like when I got him to leave the house.

I'm not going to describe it ----- but I do have an excuse to say that I tried to save his soul but he just rejected The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' gospel.

Simple fact::: I was becoming very religious church-wise, and Alex didn't accept those views.

Maybe that's why he stopped being my super close friend.

Anyway, I've since learned that the church was in so many ways a mess.

And I wonder how Alex has been doing.

I don't usually try to refer to people by their real names --- especially because before I wrote The Book of Finch my Doctor and Father made it clear to me that I have to keep identities hidden ------

But Alex was a real name of a real person. He was my good friend, it's no secret he and I were friends.

I was just too horny, and I was mentally ill, and we became ideologically incompatible.

I wonder how he's doing. He already rejected me on Facebook I think, so I don't know where to find him anymore.

Anyway. A blog post about it should be enough for now.

So Alex:: how's it been going?

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