Thursday, October 11, 2018

Wikipedia Sent me an email yesterday

I'll start this post by pointing out the new featured post. The new featured post points out a new article on this blog. It felt important to me to release that information, as I see it from my perspective.

Yesterday Wikipedia sent me an email.

They said it was an awkward subject.

They said that I am one of the fewer than 1% of Wikipedia users who actually donates to the website.

They said that most people just cannot afford to donate anything to them.

OK ---- from my perspective and from the perspective of people around me:::: I make about ~19k per year with disability, my household has 4 members and something like 3 incomes. We have only one family vehicle, however, so that might give us some savings.

From the perspective of Wikipedia however, I'm basically being told that I'm something like being in the 1%.

There's the reality that I and my family sees, which is either middle class or very-low upper class.

And there's Wikipedia telling me that I'm in the 1% of people who actually give them money. And it's awkward to them ----- probably because I don't seem super rich and that just makes it weird that more people "at my level" or above aren't also donating.

Growing up in Mormonism, and following Jesus' example ---- there is nothing wrong with "living below your station".

Part of my issue, as I said in my new featured post, is that people don't believe the things I might have done in my years of being online.

So, it's just interesting ----- my household net worth as the people around me see me is probably still lower than 1 million CAD ------

And it's just awkward to Wikipedia that this somehow puts me in "the 1%" --- of people who actually donate.

So, there you go.

If I made any money in my life --- I have no idea how much, so I don't know if I'd actually be put in the top 1% income bracket.

People tend not to believe it ----- but from my perspective, it's entirely possible that I've had influence.

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