Sunday, October 28, 2018

Unexpectedly feeling "The Holy Ghost"

I was just looking up my books on Amazon.

Right as I started looking up "Kris Attfield" in the Amazon search --- I looked at my list of books and I started feeling that distinctive feeling The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints refers to as "the Holy Ghost".

I mean, normally I can feel happy. I also have experienced depression in the past.

And to tell the truth, feeling what I've been feeling for the past few moments, I know that I don't normally feel this feeling.

But just as I was looking at my books:::: it just washed over me, I could feel it fill me:::: that warmth in my bosom.

In a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints hymn, they sing "The Spirit of God like a fire is burning".

Anyway ----- The Church trains you when you get baptized to feel for that Holy Ghost feeling.

And I realize how much of my time I spent NOT feeling that feeling.

But, amazingly, and unexpectedly:::: I was looking at my books on Amazon, when my heart was filled with warmth, with the flame.

That should be saying something spiritually.

Although, I will note that what I understand of psychiatry ---- well, the doctors aren't likely to look at that feeling like any sort of Holy Ghost type thing at all ---- to them feelings are really all in the realm of chemicals in your brain.

The Mormons taught me it was the Spirit of God though.

So who knows.

It's just very interesting that I'd be filled with that feeling while looking at my books. Unexpected.


In other news, I thought of some other things I would have wanted to talk about on my blog --- but I decided to talk about it with my father instead.

Amazingly enough, saying it to my Dad actually got it off my chest and his response settled me down, which is unusual because I usually feeling distinctly unfulfilled trying to talk to my Dad about stuff.

Anyway, that means I can keep it off my blog ---- largely because I think I've already said it somewhere else a while back, and it's not really the happiest thing I could be talking about.

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