Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pointing Out My Latest Article (Right hand side menu)

So::: I wrote a new article for this blog that can be found in the right hand side menu of this blog --- "An Apology for those who wanted to do business with me" or something like that --- the article can be found near the bottom of the list above my Apology for Radioclash.

I was just watching Coach Red Pill on Youtube discuss a topic ---- but in his topic, he said that in order to get your writing noticed by a producer in Hollywood you need an agent of some sort.

What what? So--- what is my connection to The Number 23 then?

Well, my memory is sketchy ---- but do note that my version of the Number 23 story took place on Avril Lavigne's official fan club ------- so obviously I was already being viewed by entertainment industry types.

To be honest, I could want to travel and preach to the nations for the church, or I could want to make millions of dollars creating entertainment --- but as my article mentions::: I am considered mentally ill.

Even though I was considered one of the smartest kids in school and even though the patriarch of the church seemed to destine me for greater things------ the simple fact remains that I am viewed as being a grandiosely delusional man.

I got an email that offered me a LOT of money ----- no one believed it. That makes it difficult for me.

I was supposed to be a traveling preacher as a young man ---- the church even said so ------ but such is not viewed as realistic by the people around me. Heck ----- even getting support by being paid for my work is hard.

So yeah. I'm just pointing out the new article for why it's hard to do business with me, and especially point out that if I were involved in any multi-million dollar deals that people around me wouldn't likely believe it ---- just delusions of grandeur to them.

I might've mentioned this before, but it seems relevant to say again now::: I asked my Mom within the past year or two if she'd pray for me to make my million ----- she REFUSED.

It might just be that my family actually does not support me in doing something so great that the blessings would be huge.

I may have been one of the smartest kids at school (numerous years running) --- but that didn't stop my sister from consistently insulting my intelligence until I've lost my mind about it.

So::: maybe I've had ample opportunity in my life ---- but my own family isn't exactly going for the idea that I'd be super successful ------ so I apologize if I let people down by not being business-savvy enough.

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