Saturday, October 6, 2018

Latest Big News - Church related

To be honest, the fact that it's birthday time for my nephew and that LDS General Conference was today completely slipped my mind until today ---- when I was faced with the reality of the situation.

Most of the phone calls we get in our house we don't bother to answer --- we screen a lot of phone calls, especially because a lot of calls are basically crap and we actually don't want them.

Last night we got a phone call from a completely different and unusual area code. Not recognizing it at all --- we screened it.

I looked up what information I could find about the number online:::

Someone from likely either PROVO or SALT LAKE CITY in UTAH had tried to contact us.

And then today was General Conference day. Oh.

Know something interesting? My family has been involved with the LDS Church basically since I was born ----- and in all that time no one from UTAH had really ever phoned us. What made yesterday so different?

Another tidbit of information:: My website portal tells me I had a LOT of visitors yesterday. Despite selling practically NO books, an awful lot of people suddenly became interested in me just the day before General Conference.


It's either that everyone is dishonest and wouldn't be bothered to pay me for my work, or something went wrong at my publishers. (which is interesting because just last night Youtube/Google was showing me a documentary about white-collar crime as if that was relevant).


So::: Obviously I'm seen as a big somebody in the LDS Church. But, as I've learned, even the LDS Church is aware that the church screwed up really-really badly in my life and I'm not fully sure I'm really interested anymore.

Just today my Mom brought up the topic of Personal Revelation having something to do with what was discussed in General Conference ----

All I could think of was how my Bishop wanted me to deny my personal revelation and how I was treated, essentially by the church, like I was crazy for having communications from God.

Basically, the church just really really screwed up in my life. All my life they taught me about personal revelation, and the revelation was real ----- but for some reason, local leadership decided to declare my insanity for belief in such things. Yeah. The church REALLY screwed up.

So::: it's been eight years since my nephew was born, and how Jesus Christ appeared on the night of his birth (as is recorded in my book The Book of Finch).

I said to my family "So, it's his birthday and it's been 8 years --- I'm afraid to ask". The response from my Dad was "So don't ask".

Anyway ---- though my nephew is now officially old enough to officially join the church, the past days no one has said a thing about baptizing him or him and the church in any way shape or form.

Yeah. Huh. Normally children who grow up in Mormon households get baptized at age of 8, but no one so far as even mentioned church or baptism in relation to my nephew.

Simple fact:::

Jesus Christ appeared to me at the birth of my nephew.

Simple fact:::

The church mostly rejected my personal testimony of Jesus.

So yeah, it was just interesting that the LDS Church wasn't actually about God Jesus Angels and Miracles when I'm not allowed to have my testimony of such things in church, and also how the church wasn't really a friends or family community either because I wasn't allowed to be friends with my friends ---- so what was the church really all about then? I'm really not sure.

The last thing I can think of to say is this:::

Just today I suddenly realized that I may personally have a thought-based or telepathic connection to Avril Lavigne's latest released single.


So:::: Being immature, and having loved Penguins since grade 2,

as a term of endearment, one of the things I'd think in my mind for the past so many years was "Avril is a penguin who lives in the ocean" ---- I'd basically have imaginary thought poetry sessions in my idle time thinking about Avril somehow being a Penguin. Another variation on this is that I would think of Avril as a "Rabbit-Penguin" ---- in relation to how I was raised with the Mac computer concept of a "Dogcow".

To be honest, I don't really know how much Avril really likes me --- so I've been leaving her alone.

I do know however that most of her fans never really seemed to like me, so I don't bother.

Avril herself was a lot nicer, but still, sometimes the messages seem a little mixed. Who knows.

Anyway. it would have been nice to have actual sales reports and earnings from my work ---- but last night's Youtube documentary shows that there's just a big part of the population which is all too likely to just be dishonest, whether I'm being ripped off at the pirating sites or wherever.

But it doesn't totally matter since I have AiSH ----- and I really have questioned and still question how much I really want to be involved in the church after the disaster I was put through in that organization.

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