Sunday, October 21, 2018

Is this a reason for my eye-issues?

This doesn't seem like a plausible reason for why my left eye would be partially blinded and the sight would suddenly be OK again in the ophthalmologist's office, but it's something I'm noticing so I'm going to print it here.

I was just looking at my ID Card. For .a long time during my life I had always thought my eyes were Green.

But, upon doing closer research on eye colors on the internet, and then closely examining my eyes ----- I realized my eyes might actually be HAZEL.

Which means I was inaccurate when I told the government about my eyes. Oops.

But:::: here's the thing::::::

Even if this doesn't seem believable --- it's what I see as true, it's my truth, and it should be accepted with faith, although maybe you'd do that with a grain of salt-------

I was just looking at my eyes in the bathroom mirror a little moment ago.

My right eye was greenish-brown.

My left eye was greenish-blue.

This is not normal.

That's how I'll describe the coloring.

Thing is::: it was very clear that my two eyes were not the same color as each other anymore.

I tried to take close-up selfies with my iPhone --- unfortunately, the lighting isn't very good at this time in the morning, and my left eye is always in the shady position--- it can't be clearly seen (in the pictures).

SO:::::: yeah, who knows whatever scientific explanation there might be-------

but in The Book of Finch I describe two different "magical" parts of my appearance which I believe were real but people are inclined to call me crazy -----

1) My hair magically changed color at a special church event.  The first person to notice it was a friend of mine, but when I went home and looked in the mirror, I was able to verify my hair, without any dies or bleaches --- had changed color.

2) Years later  I would be looking at my eyes in the mirror, and magically they just seemed to be changing color.

So:::: I know people tell me I'm crazy, and so much seems unbelievable------

but, today I was looking at my eyes in the mirror and they were basically two different colors or two different kinds of hazel.  Greenish-blue and Greenish-brown. I could definitely see the difference.

SO:::: I wonder if this has anything to do with how I lost some sight in my left eye, but then it came back when re-inspected.

UPDATE October 22nd 2018 10:16AM:::::::

I checked my eyes again ---- they're the same color now, no blue to be seen.

It's either something "magical" ------ or it might just be something to do with the lighting in my bathroom early in the morning when it's still dark out.

What else could explain what I thought I saw?

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