Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Getting Stressed just by thinking

Yesterday.I posted my ideas of something I could do with the Lottery if I won the big prize (eg, the 60 million dollar prize). I then deleted that post.

According to the odds, it's not likely I'd win the lottery. So why worry about it? I guess I'm just trying to visualize or something.

Anyway, since I deleted that post, one of the thoughts that occurred to me was something about how I'd be completely unlikely to win the lottery every again, so shouldn't I do my best to have fun rather than blow half of it on a charitable idea that I'm not even likely going to be competent at doing?

Just thinking about what I'd do if I had 60 million has stressed me out ---- and I don't even have the money yet. It's like the neurons in my brain are on the verge of having a meltdown if I promise do something like create a trailer park for homeless people if I win.

I figure I would want to help people ---- but that the help I offer should be within my capability range.

A trailer park for homeless people may be way more than I can manage. It's a good idea ---- but thinking about what it would take, maybe I'm not the best candidate.

But I do want to help people -----

So I'd probably just give a nice big donation to a couple or a few charities.

But the lion's share of the winnings I'd use just to live my life, and have my fun.

The main point of this blog post is that I was just getting stressed out just by thinking about what could happen if I had 60 million dollars.

Housing homeless people might be a good idea ----- but I can't say I'd necessarily be competent at the job. Therefore, maybe I'd just donate a bunch to existing charities.

So::: I was trying some visualization of winning, and I only eventually just started feeling stressed out. Huh.

Maybe I'm better off with a smaller prize. :)

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