Monday, October 1, 2018

Asking God for Information

I've got a pretty interesting story to report today.

In a recent post, I said I would be ordering an NES Mini Classic and a SNES Mini Classic when I got my next payment.

Today is the day those products were to arrive.

I basically just sat in my house and waited for Canada Post to bring the package.

After a number of hours, I just got tired of waiting.

I asked God "God, when will Canada Post arrive?"

The response from God said they would be here in 2 minutes.

2 minutes was a short enough time so I gave God a chance. I even looked at my watch to keep track of time.

So::: what happened?

God was actually right!

It's amazing, but when Canada Post arrived, I looked at my watch again and noticed that it was 2 minutes since I last checked my watch.

So:::: that's psychic power for you. I ask God a question, He gives me an answer, and the answer turned out to be true.

To be honest, I have done this before ---- God has been right before about this type of thing.


So::: My left eye still sees, but I think I will need a new prescription for my glasses. My right eye is fine in this glasses, but my left eye seems a little blurry.

But there is a possibility that I am having a problem with my brain ---- not a schizophrenia problem, some kind of other problem -----

My balance has MOSTLY returned. But, I've noticed when I'm standing in my kitchen that I'm more likely to feel dizzy.

BUT::::: A CLUE:::::: I was standing in the kitchen feeling a little dizzy today, when all of the sudden the dizziness left---- the dizziness was gone but in the same instant that the dizziness was got I started to hear a loud ringing noise in my left ear ---- like Tinnitus.

I'll have to note that to the doctor if/when I get my referral.

So::: I need new glasses, mostly stable now but a little dizzy a bit, and at one point the dizziness was instantly replaced by a ringing noise in my left ear.

The fact that my brain is having an issue does not reflect on the reality that God was able to tell me when my package would arrive.

I've ALWAYS or ALMOST ALWAYS been able to get good information straight from God.

Today was just a really good example of that ---- I heard it was coming in 2 minutes and the voice in my head turned out to be correct.

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