Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Not Totally Understood Mystery

To be honest, for YEARS now our family has experienced this phenomenon where we find things around our house or around our property which shouldn't by any reasonable understanding be there --- but they are there.

Like, a few weeks ago I found a new pair of pants neatly folded on my desk chair ---- I had done my laundry and thought all my pants were all accounted for.

Shortly before that, my Dad found a sock by his bed ---- and nobody knows where the sock came from or whose sock it is or was.

Many years ago I was going to go for a long walk to get some lunch when I found a full-sized hamburger from a popular restaurant just sitting on the sidewalk (in its package) across the street from my house.

Heck ---- we've had a situation when we found something in our house that no one knows what it was or what it did -- or how it got there ---- but it was there and we found it there anyway.

SO:::: TODAY::::

My Mom spent half the day doing a civic duty, my Dad and I picked up our nephew to have some fun ---- and after my Mom's duty was over we all took a trip to the zoo.

When we all came home we were all pretty tired, so we ALL just went to bed. Like, late afternoon, early evening ---- nobody wants to be up anymore.

Well, I was just laying in bed, thinking about the disaster of my life ------- when I started hearing a beeping sound.

It didn't stop. It was repetitive. I was afraid somehow the refrigerator door hadn't been closed properly --- so I got up from bed, and went upstairs to look at the kitchen to see what was beeping.

Everyone else was just staying in bed --- either no one else heard the beep ----- or no one understood or cared.

I discovered what it was:::: the Oven Timer. I turned off the oven and pulled out a cooked chicken.

yes ----- there was a fully cooked chicken in our oven.

I went to my parents' room, opened the door (and everyone was just silently laying down) -- I told my Mom the chicken was done cooking.

She didn't seem to understand what I was talking about. She was like "what chicken?"

So, I went back to my room and listened ----- Nobody else seems to have gotten the idea ---- we have a cooked chicken sitting on our stove right now and I'm the only one who knows about it ------ and I have no idea who initiated the process of cooking it, especially as my Mom doesn't seem to realize we have a cooked chicken and she didn't know.

So yeah::::: This MIGHT be an example of the Lord Jesus Christ's magical provision.

I've seen it multiple times in my life -------- but I'm writing about this experience now because its currently happening::::: the oven was beeping and nobody went to check it out except for me. I found a cooked chicken.

I told my Mom.  She didn't appear to have any idea.

Maybe I've just misunderstood the situation ----- but you'd think if someone else in my family had been cooking the chicken that they would have gotten up to check the oven when the beeping started.

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