Wednesday, October 31, 2018

2 Emails and about upgrading

This morning I logged into my 1.4ghz mac mini and found there was an update for my version of macOS.

I installed it.

I kind of wish I didn't. Why?

Because Google Chrome just became so slow on that computer I have difficulty connecting to websites --- I'm having to write this post on my OUYA Dev machine -- mac mini from 2012.

Yeah ---- so, the new mac minis ---- they look FANTASTIC, like dream machines ---- but I'm afraid that if I don't get paid for my work, especially for my books, I won't be upgrading to one any time soon.

I get forgiveness points, more or less, for forgiving people for not paying me ----- but really, if I wanted to continue in the development business I would want one of these new mac minis ------ but my current income, even if it is generous for a disability income, will take some time to save up for such a device.

And I'm not going back into deep debt to buy a computer, especially when there's zero guarantee that people will pay me for my new work.

So:::: There is some possibility that I could continue developing video games ----- but that is put on an indefinite hold while people don't pay me for what I've already done and I have to save my current mediocre income in order to afford a new dev machine.

I recently received a new portable music stand in the mail from Amazon.

Yesterday I set it up, put my Christmas Sheet Music for Guitar on ----- and started figuring out my Jingle Bells.

So much fun.

Also::: good news::: My C Major Chord is starting to sound better, although not yet entirely perfected yet it is doing much better. Yay.


Now ---- In the past days I received 2 emails.

One email was from a Russian man who wanted to tell me something about making an annual income while he was on a trip to Egypt.

He sent the email using Google Photos.

I clicked on his link, but I felt leery about logging into a webpage with my Google Account just to look at photos by some stranger.

If you want to send me photos or anything, just write it down in an email ---- I'm very suspicious or "leery" about logging in to any site with my personal credentials --- especially my Google account.

And then --- this Morning:::

I got an email from a man named Gavin Stephenson on my OUYA icloud email.

He starts the email saying "Hello Superstar" and says he hopes I'll join him for something he's doing for the law of attraction. The address in the email is in London.

OK ----- For a moment I thought he might even be talking directly to me ----- but then I did a search for his name in my email ---- and realized I had signed up for his mailing list so I could download something he did about using the law of attraction to get rich.

Though amusing that I was referred to as "Superstar" and thinking he was personally talking to me - and then realizing it's just a mailing list thing ----

I thought I should talk on this blog a little about the Law of Attraction and making money, as I've experienced it.

When I was 13 or 14 years old --- I asked God in a personal prayer for a million dollars. A few years later Avril Lavigne was running about basically singing about being in love with me, as I interpret the song.

But::: there's a problem:::: people around me don't want me to be rich. In fact, as far as I am aware, to this day ---- My Mom REFUSES to pray for me to make a million dollars ---- which means I do not have permission to make a tonne of money.

I'm sure I could make a tonne of money, but I think something about my Mom not wanting it might be holding me back.

Anyway ----- the good news is this:::: Earlier this year I was alone with my Dad and my Brother ---- and I said a prayer, all 3 of us involved, just asking God for a specific amount of money. It's a big sum to a very poor person, but not enough to really be super rich.

Anyway, just weeks later my Mom had somehow acquired the exact amount of money that we had asked for in prayer --- and she wanted my help to get it invested in a GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate).

SO:::: The Law of Attraction does seem to work well enough, the 3 of us basically got exactly what we asked for in just weeks ---- but it's non-redeemable right now and just earning interest.

The Law of Attraction works so well that my Mom also gets her desire --- that I NOT make my million dollars.

In fact, you can trace the origins of my supposed craziness or insanity back years ago when my sisters and their friends were deliberately trying to drive me insane.

To tell the truth, nobody wants to place any blame anywhere for anything negative ---- but the fact is the negative aspect of life did exist and I know that my sisters stated they were trying to drive me insane. So ---- that's the explanation.

But yeah.  This last part of this post was basically just my commentary in relation to an email I received about Law of Attraction ------ the Law of Attraction works so well that I'm actually not allowed to be super-rich it seems because I don't have permission from my Mom. So, I just live like I'm disabled and collecting my meagre income, wishing people would pay me so I can buy one of these new dream-machine mac minis.

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