Saturday, September 1, 2018

Three Weddings & More

I guess it's the season.

Yesterday my Dad and I were dropping off and picking up my Mom at the Calgary LDS Temple --- and they were celebrating a wedding outside.

Today, something which usually never happens was happening::: the next door neighbors were holding a family wedding right next door!

So, this is a big reason why I felt like mentioning weddings.

I am told that wedding was administered by a Justice of the Peace.

While that wedding was happening, my family took off to the Zoo ------

when we visited the Butterfly House, we found yet another wedding party going on.

And the zoo was very busy.

So, good luck to these people with that, I'm mostly mentioning this since it's mostly just a big deal to see a wedding next door.

In other news::::::

I managed to finally fix my high-e string on my guitar. Sometimes the guitar sounds weird, but it plays.

The latest mention from that Japanese Softbank thing is that there was some kind of malicious something going on --- I can't remember, I translated the message this morning and the one word I remember in the translation was "malicious" ----- so I guess maybe I shouldn't trust it. Hah. I'm just confused about doing business with anyone actually, especially in Japan where I don't know the language. The thing that made the supposed business offer in Japan special was the amount of money offered. It was really special.  But, from the sales reports I've seen, it would be a big waste for whoever was spending it. But anyway, the message I got today is just making me think I should ignore that whole thing some more.

The one thing I felt like posting about before I heard about the weddings is this:::: I'm only 34 years old, and I already feel "worn out".  I endured my childhood, then spent over 10 years recovering from my childhood, and now that I'm enjoying life, I already just feel worn out.

But it's good to have a loving family. I felt a bit revitalized after my Mom saw a health condition that exists on my leg and in her wisdom as a doctor and a nurse she gave me her footstool and rubbed a cream on my health condition.  That must be why nurses are so awesome;:: they just do a job and find a way of helping a patient feel better.

yes -- My mom is/was a doctor, a nurse, and more.  She is extremely educated. Which may have helped inspire me to study and be smart in school when I was growing up.

Anyway, yeah, loving families are important, despite feeling so worn out earlier this morning, the simple caring act of "nursing" that my Mom performed on me seemed to give me a burst of energy to carry on my Day. Yay.

And I can remember one last thing to mention:::: My September Health Benefits Card from AiSH still hasn't arrived.  That really is odd!

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