Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Local University Resurrected Something

The title of this post is the most interesting way and quickest way I could think of a title.

Today we got mail from The University of Calgary.

One for my Mom, who is a graduate.

and one for RST Systems Technology Ltd.

RST has been dead for a long, long time.

Back when my Dad was a functional human being (Basically before he spent 30 years of his life in the LDS Church) he was part of a company. I don't know what they did, but pretty soon it was all being dissolved and they just gave all the shares of the entire company to my Dad.

And therefore my Dad became that company, essentially.

He tried to continue the work, he was the President of RST Systems Technology for a while --- he even released a product called "Treasure Mapper" ------ had something to do with file conversion in the cartography industry.

His product was quite expensive, and a lot of people just didn't buy it.

Anyway, RST has been "dead" for quite a while, but by sending this letter it's like the University "resurrected" it.

And the big reason I'm writing this post:::::

Wouldn't it be interesting if my earnings as a book writer and OUYA Dev, what if those earnings went to the ownership of RST? No clue. Just speculation again.

RST is supposed to be dead. It's been a very, very long time.

Well, who knows::::

Either the money I earned, if any, went to my main investor the Alberta Government,

Or like a founder of Apple having to present his invention to Hewlett Packer because HP had rights, maybe RST took my income. Who knows.

And yes, I heard about the Apple --- HP thing from a pretty good historical movie from a while back called "The Pirates of Silicon Valley". I recommend it.

yeah. Huh. Either nobody could pay me, or my main investors took the cash.

On the topic of Pirates::::

I recently plugged in the Peasant Vision (antenna) to my TV (monitor on a mac mini) and sat back and watched some CBC for a while ---- they were teaching the kids to be pirates.

It's just weird that a crown corporation of a supposedly responsible national government was teaching the kids piracy. Who knows.


Back to work:::

Seeing as how I personally don't directly benefit from my own work, it's hard to want to do more work in the future. It doesn't seem worthwhile. I could just give up on that.

And I know some Japanese person wanted to invest in me ---- but my Japanese interpreter friend didn't believe it ------ and I think the whole thing was very confused if it was even real at all ------- and well, I'm just not a very social person. I don't socialize with others the absolute best, I'm much more comfortable in a small group (my family) without having to worry about too many obligations. I don't even spend much time with other disabled people.

And ----- lastly, if I were to continue work, I also have to think about how to afford all the hardware and all that I'd need ---- it's difficult because it's expensive and I have no way of knowing that people are actually interested or would actually pay me for anything. There's no point in trying, as well as there's no certain money besides AiSH.

AND ----- I don't have any new ideas right now.

There we go.

Main point of this post:::: The University sent mail to my Dad's dead business. I have to wonder if the dead business might be a recipient of any of my earnings, much like I could speculate that the government could have taken it.

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