Friday, September 21, 2018

My Mom Suddenly Became Fun

So:: My Mom retired from her job.

My Dad's hobby involves playing with radio technology ----- He built an AM Radio (actually, he's built a number of AM Radios) ------

And as he was listening to his handiwork, we heard an AD on the radio station about the upcoming PlayStation Classic.

I had to look it up online::: the article I read not only talked about PSC but also mentioned the NES Mini and the SNES Mini.

It became very clear to me what I am going to do with my next payments.

I was telling my Mom this morning how "stoked" I was about playing retro NES and SNES mini games ------ I told her I'm not depressed anymore, so I'm actually capable of feeling excited about this new discovery.

All of the sudden, my Mom announced to me that after she's been to her temple ceremony today, she wants to play 30 minutes of Forge TV with me.


My Mom's usual excuse about Forge TV and OUYA was that her old hands were arthritic.

But now she figures she SHOULD make an effort to play video games because she figures playing with me will sharpen her mind. (yes --- I've already been through a study that says video games are actually good for you).

So::::: My mom and I played for about half an hour of the Bananatree games I built.

She made me write down on a piece of paper all the controls ---- she needed something to remind her how to play and what the controls were.

She actually won the round of The Bananatree Brothers we played together.

And she skillfully managed her character in The Bananatree Brothers: Eat Carrots. She almost won that game.

SO::: this was a genuinely good and fun exercise for me and her. I feel good. She was entertained.

It's just so much fun to actually be able to play video games with someone. I've spent years wishing I could play OUYA with my family ---- but everyone was mostly too busy or too disabled.

Now that my Mom is retired, she's figured she might as well exercise her mind with video games --- which is good because I FINALLY get to have some fun.

On a side note:::: I have to say that OUYA was actually a really positive experience for me and I really enjoyed the console. OK --- maybe the experience wasn't 100% perfect, but all in all I would recommend the OUYA to people ---- if it still existed, and if I knew people. On my end, probably one of the biggest problems I had with marketing the OUYA is that my family didn't have time for it, and I almost have to wonder if my sister or sisters were actually somehow hostile to it. That's basically what I understood, because when I tried to give my one sister a free console, she wouldn't accept it ---- and she never bought her own.

So::: OUYA was very very awesome, but my family just seemed to have some problems.

Anyway::: the main point of this post is:::::

Video games are shown to actually be good for you, and my Mom who is becoming "elderly" has decided to get involved and we had good fun with it.

Also:::: Blaine Bananatree is a good starter game, it's simple enough and can help teach how to use a controller. Not that it was designed to teach controller usage, however.

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