Monday, September 3, 2018

In the realm of magical

What I am about to say seems unbelievable --- it doesn't seem likely, it seems to be in the realm of a magical happening. I understand if you don't believe in magic, but what I'm about to say is still true.

I was wondering if I should hold off writing this post until tomorrow just to make sure this is really happening ----- but after experiencing this for long enough today, I'm pretty sure it's happening.

I will mention the lottery again, but the lottery is NOT what this post is actually about.

A little while ago I posted that I had won a prize in the lottery on 3 out of 4 attempts at that time.

The past week includes those 3 out of 4 attempts::: so now I'll tell you how my lottery has been for the past week:::::

I've won the lottery 4 out of 7 times in the past week.

This alone is a big deal since the odds of winning the smallest prize are 1 in 7.7.

But realize this also::: last Sunday I won the $30 prize, where the odds are 1 in 509.

It seems completely unbelievable --- I know ---- but it's absolutely true. I have the tickets in my possession to prove it. I also have June's tickets that prove that winning streak.

So::: what this post is really about:::::

I used part of the $30 I won to buy myself a pair of snazzy sunglasses.

For the past month or two, I've been noticing my prescription eyeglasses haven't really been working very well with my left eye anymore.

The problem:::: My left eye not only doesn't quite see properly through the lens anymore but in outdoor daylight conditions, I appear to have a blind spot in my vision in the position of the thing I'm looking directly at. I'm partially blinded, in outdoor daylight conditions.

So, I bought the pair of sunglasses to see if I can protect my left eye and not have a blind spot while I'm outdoors.

After wearing the sunglasses with my regular glasses, for a reason, I will not state I decided I shouldn't wear my prescription glasses anymore.

I was testing my eyes watching football ---- with sunglasses, without sunglasses, left eye, right eye, both eyes ------

Something amazing just happened:::::

Historically for the past several years, my left eye was my better eye and my right eye needed glasses to see anything clearly at a modest distance.

Well:::: today something changed.

The current weakness of my left eye (which I will note was properly focused without the eyeglasses, but still a little weak in actually seeing things like it's "darkened" in my left eye) appears to maybe have caused my right eye to shape up.

My eyesight in my right eye has drastically IMPROVED.

I'm not saying my right eye is perfect (yet) ------- but things that would have been blurry before now can appear plain and readable.

My left eye still functions clear and readable without eyeglasses --- with eyeglasses the image is fuzzy ----- but I noticed that the image in my eye is also good, but darkened because of whatever might be causing my blind spot.

My Dad wants me to see an optometrist.

I was figuring I should see an optometrist to for quite a while ---- but just today I'm noticing that my vision seems to, appears to basically to get better.

The final evidence that verified this fact to me is this:::: earlier today I noticed I needed my eyeglasses just to read text on my 1.4ghz mac mini monitor ---- I was unable to see text on the screen clearly without glasses ---- and that was just earlier today.

Just a moment ago I started reading on that same computer ------ And I've found that I no longer need glasses ---- my naked eyes are actually now capable of reading text on that computer screen.

The football scores on the tv were more readable,

visiting shops on the street outdoors I noticed I was able to read the signs without glasses -----

All just today. Boom. Eyesight doing much better.

At the same time, I won the lottery 4/7 times and that includes one of the big $30 prizes.

I know and am well aware that this story seems over the top, and unbelievable ----- except I'm just telling what I've experienced ----- this is my own personal truth.

I can only hope my eyesight will continue getting better and that I'll have more good experiences with the lottery.

Also in the past week::: when I talked to my Mom about me winning the lottery, she, as a devout Mormon, claimed there was nothing magical about me winning the lottery.

If this isn't magic, then who else is there to blame?

But to me, if I'm winning the lottery and getting healed eyesight at the same time ---- that is magical as far as I'm concerned.

To each, their own though ----- The Mormons said I'd witness and perform miracles, and then started forcing me on psychiatric drugs for believing in miracles --------

so maybe that is some kind of explanation for why my Mormon Mother has such a hard time believing that what's going on is in any way magical.

Can't win the argument. No point in trying.

To me, it's just a matter of thinking good things, saying good things, doing good things, asking God for good things, being thankful for the good things I get, and so on.

This is the power behind the magic in my life, I believe.

UPDATE::: the next morning

So::: my eyes are better, but far from being perfect.

I used to need glasses to read the TV or read text on my computer monitor. Now I don't need glasses for that ---- the naked eye works well enough.

But ------ I was just looking at some text in my house at a distance, and then tried it with my old prescription glasses ---

The glasses definitely make my right eye see better at that distance for that kind of writing. The amount of improvement in my right eye was limited.

My left eye? My left eye used to be my good eye ----- but in outdoor sunlight, I have a serious blind spot that hampers the vision in that eye.

I can see with my left eye --- and I have some evidence. that the sight might still be clear:::: but the problem is that the colors look a bit different than my right eye, and clearly seeing things with my left is not really happening.

So::: My left eye used to be my good eye. My right eie was my bad eye.

Now my left is diminished somehow ------ and my right has improved a limited amount.

Who knows. When I started seeing better with my right eye, that seemed magical. But it's not absolutely perfect ----- although I am able to see better with a little bit of squinting at a distance.

My left eye can see ---- but I clearly have a blind spot outdoors, and indoors the quality of the image is questionable.

No idea how this happened. It's weird because in the past year it was my right eye that took the "abuse" --- but now my right eye sees better, while my left eye was safe but has degraded. Weird.

Yeah, it seems magical --- maybe there's an explanation.

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