Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Eye News

I mentioned in previous posts that my left eye had a blind spot --- that it was "pooched".

Today I saw the specialist, an ophthalmologist.

Basically ---- and this is weird ------ though for the past weeks I could clearly see that my left eye was not seeing properly ----- now when I was doing the eye exam at the new doctor's office my eye suddenly just got all better again.

Yes ---- the problem I had at the optometrist did not present itself.  The problem has existed quite noticeably for a while ------ but as soon as I got my sight checked at the ophthalmologist office, my eye was suddenly working properly again.

Yeah ---- I know that's really weird.  As I am writing this blog post, I am not noticing anything wrong with my eyes either.

The doctor actually looked at my eye too ---- he found NO PROBLEMS WITH IT.

BUT ------ Since the eye problem started, I also started having a dizziness problem.

yesterday I bought a cane to help me feel stable when I stand and walk.

The interesting thing to note about the cane:::: I noticed immediately after I bought it a sticker on it with the numbers "3357" printed on. By midnight, only the one number 3 remained, the other three digits just disappeared. This seemed very magical, but I do wonder if I just somehow accidentally just "rubbed off" those 3 digits. I don't know ---- it seems magical.

Anyway ---- considering the dizziness, the reality of the eye problem ------- I'm being sent to another specialist who will examine how my eye sends the information to my brain. Like, how the eye and my brain interact.

SO:::::: I know it sounds really loopy that I was claiming I had eye problems but the problems just suddenly disappeared as soon as I was in the doctor's office ------- I STILL believe in that God and Miracle stuff ----- that's all this is to me.

It's not that I'm dishonest, It's just that reality is actually really quite magical.

In other news, I got an email from my domain name provider saying they're actually now offering web hosting (or web hosting transfer) services for free.

I only started using this website to host my blog because it's free, and my domain name service servers were not and I wasn't making any money.

Apparently, the domain name service is not charging anymore. or something. I'm not sure if they actually offer hosting services for free or if it's just the transfer to their service that's free ---- but yeah, I'm noting that in case I want to switch. I might. I could think about it for a while, but I might also just get lazy and forget. Who knows.

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