Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Did the law of attraction do this and is this for real?

I've mentioned the idea from The Secret before::: try attracting checks into your mailbox rather than bills.

Well::: my spam box on my email has had numerous messages over time trying to tell me that there's money for me somewhere.

This seems like an obviously relatable occurrence to what The Secret was trying to teach me -----

But I don't recognize, as of yet, the sources of the supposed income, and I am also well aware that there are people we like to call "scammers" who will try to deceive and take advantage, so it's kind of hard to understand if this is really trustworthy ---- especially since it goes straight to the spam box.

You'd think after all these years that I should be paid something ----- but I also know or am aware that humanity can be unbelievably untrustworthy. So the easiest thing to do is ignore supposed offers that seem too good to be true ---- even if I am deserving of payment.

One thing that would really help move money is if the message was from an identifiable and trusted source.

Like::: a lot of the names and URLs of these emails seem to have nothing to do with anything I previously knew of.

I don't know if I've been signed up for things that I actually have zero interest in.

For example:::: recently my Dad has been receiving mail or has been put into the mailing list and may now even apparently have a membership in an organization he actually really has nothing to do with. And we do get this in the actual physical mail.

I am well understanding that I may be signed up for something that I actually have nothing to do with ----

So it's just kind of hard to know what to trust sometimes.

It would be very interesting if someone was trying to pay me:::: because I don't recognize the source of so many of these money offers. It would be nice if a publisher's name was attached for if actual relevant information was included in the messages.

This one message uses an old friend's nickname, but I don't fully understand that to be entirely related to anything even so.

SO::: I get all kinds of payment or money offers in the email:::: I just don't know how trustworthy a lot of things I ever see ever are.

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