Friday, September 7, 2018

Big Stuff

Ok, I've got 3 big things to talk about/mention:::

I saw an optometrist today.

I can't remember the exact terminology he used ----- but he now has it in his records or notes that I am now basically partially sighted. With the technology he had, he was unable to determine the problem, because everything he could see looked just fine ---- so he's referring me to a specialist.

The doctor did have some hope that my eyesight would return.

And yes ----- it's bad enough that I can't really read very well with my left eye ---- not even BIG letters on the wall ------ the doctor seemed to clearly understand that I was not seeing what I was supposed to.

The latest time I played the lottery:::: this time they asked me for identification. They don't usually ask me for identification --- but they did this time. And yes --- I won, a very small prize.

That comes after about 4 or 5 consecutive losses.

Asking for ID? either I look young, or someone might be catching on. Maybe. I don't always win ---- but there is something strange about the amount I have been winning.

And finally, I have learned that the LDS Apostle Elder Gong is going to be visiting my local LDS Stake this weekend for a special conference.

That is kind of interesting, and yes, it's amusing that his name resembles my video game's name (Gong versus Pfhonge ---- along with Elder Soares versus The Eagle's Sore).

Part of me understands that I might be seen as a bad guy ---- but another part of me realizes that the church asked me to be a traveling preacher and then they didn't even buy my books.

I don't know what to say ---- it might be interesting to have a chat with the church about the problems::: but for so long I've been avoiding confrontation.

Just going to revert to my usual habit of skipping church I guess.

But yeah:::: if God wanted me to be rich, maybe he'd let me win a bigger prize on the lottery. if the church really followed God, maybe they would buy my book.

Or maybe I'm just not allowed to have a big giant bank account. So::: that means to be a traveling preacher I'll have to learn to teleport. Who knows. Probably not while I'm in psychiatry.

One big reason a traveling preacher might need money is just to get around ----- but what do I know?

As a Mormon preacher, I would also need money to raise a family --- because Mormons are supposed to get married.

The really interesting thing:::: I know I'm comparatively wealthy compared to so many other people in western society, but it's really not that much ---- I was telling God about how me being as "wealthy" as I am seems kind of anti-climactic.

So::: how much am I worth?  About $4-5000CAD.

yes ------ actually being worth that much does actually make me comparatively wealthy, but it's not really that much when you really get down to it.

And that doesn't include getting paid for books and video games. I don't get paid for that.

Is $4-5000 really enough to travel and preach to the nations and raise a family and everything? Probably not.

But:::: My positive net worth does make me a comparatively wealthy person. It's just kind of anti-climactic is all.

Just not allowed to have an ultra-huge bank account I guess ----- as well apparently I also have to be only partially sighted it seems. Huh.

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