Thursday, August 30, 2018

Was it actually legitimate?

So, a long while back, while the Discover Store was still running, I was receiving these Japanese emails at my OUYA iCloud address.

iCloud eventually decided these emails were SPAM ---- and my Japanese interpreter friend thought the emails were fake and couldn't be believed -------

but what the emails claimed to be and were offering me at face value was some kind of Disney or Sony type company (it was something like that, I couldn't tell which one) and they offered me a lot of yen -------

Of course, I took it with "a grain of salt", meaning it could have seemed real, but everyone was unsupportive, especially the one person I know who could have interpreted these messages for me ---- our Japanese friend didn't believe it was actually real.

Well, I decided to look at my Spam Box to see what the latest Japanese email said.

Apparently, someone from "" is trying to contact me.

It's all very confusing because I don't understand Japanese and I rely entirely on Google translate, and though there seems to be an air of reality about the emails, you can't really help but wonder if it's all just a deception.

Whatever the case ----- after all these months, I must be the worst person to do business with, especially since if this is real ------ I can't help but wonder if all the yen spent on me is just a waste, because nearly nobody ever buys anything from me and they'll probably never get their money back.

To be clear:::: I Have no idea what's going on.

if this is real, well, everyone on my end didn't believe it and was unsupportive ---- and I don't understand Japanese very well and basically I feel clueless.

If it's fake, then no wonder iCloud sends it to the Spam box.

I don't know what to believe anymore ----- I'm not sure if it was actual business or if I was just talking to some kind of Spam troll.

And it probably doesn't help that I am or was considered schizophrenic constantly being told I'm delusional.

I'm not sure what's going on or what it's all about ----- heck, I'm not even sure exactly which company was supposed to be depicted if it was Disney or Sony. Not sure. Or someone else maybe? I have no idea who exactly is even trying to buy me. :). Or if it's even really for real.

A long while back I tried to tell Avril about it since I'm sure she's done business with both Disney and Sony, but Avril was absolutely zero help in figuring this out. She never said anything.

I just don't know or understand entirely. And my "friends" basically offered no help or basically didn't believe it.

So:::: I'm just really bad at business now I guess.

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