Friday, August 3, 2018

New Information about my slow computers

So in a recent blog post I tried to give a bit of a review of my new refurbished 1.4ghz mac mini and used the updating of my bitcoin core client as a "benchmark" on how fast my computers ran, in comparison.

I said my 1.4ghz mac mini would go 100% on one core for about half an hour and get quite a bit of work done -----

while my quad core pentium linux laptop seemed very slow.

Well, I figured some things out:::

1) I reconfigured the bitcoin.conf file on my linux laptop. Now bitcoin core on my quad core pentium runs A LOT faster.  I fixed it somehow.

2) My 1.4ghz mac mini started to really-really slow down when downloading the information ------

so I decided to scrap the new fresh download of the bitcoin blockchain and just transferred the entire wallet from my 2012 mac mini to my new mac mini using file transfer.

Copying the wallet using file transfer was definitely the faster way to go ----- but the problem persists where updating the blockchain on my new computer is exceedingly slow, regardless of how I try to configure bitcoin.conf.

So:::::: I know when I first tried doing bitcoin core that I could very easily see the program working at 100% on one core on my mac -------- but after a while, and no matter how I try to fix it, these days I am very lucky if I happen to get to 20% processor usage ---- it spends much time using only about 5% of one core.

So, configuring my Linux Laptop the laptop became a lot, lot faster.

While without anything changing my new mac mini slowed down completely, and now that I'm trying to play with the bitcoin.conf file here too ----- not much seems to make any difference.

It feels like some exterior force is really throttling down this mac mini. I don't see why it was perfectly capable of running at 100% for a good long while, but now barely reaches 20% on the same application doing the same thing.


Today I tried checking my email on my Linux Laptop ---- and google was giving me a hard time.

Then google started alerting me to my own login attempt.

I will just explain here on my blog:::: the reason the login attempt seems so suspicious from my Linux Laptop is just yesterday our ISP came out and gave us a new modem ----- and this modem changes a whole bunch of stuff, so it probably also changed our DHCP IP address as well ---- and that might be why my email checking on my laptop seemed suspicious to google's automation.

Nothing to really be concerned about though.

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