Monday, August 6, 2018

My Progress

I post on this blog because my portal tells me people do visit this site. Who knows why ---- maybe to check up on me after the dark history my life had to go through.

Don't worry, things are really lightening up in my life ----- the worst part about my life today is the persistent memories of the past, and a small amount of continuing problems with one member of my family (not much we can do about that though and it's not a big deal).


In Guitar:::  My C-Chord still has problems.  My other chords all sound "strummy".  My C-Chord sounds "plucky". It's just not right. I get my fingers in the right position, but it just, often, doesn't turn out right. Pray for my C-Chord.

As for using my 1.4ghz Mac Mini with only 4gb of RAM when updating Bitcoin Core -----

I increased my "dbcache" to about 800 - I think ---- I have "par" set to -1 and

I noticed that the way it seems to run best or fastest is to set the NICE on the app to 20 and then move my cursor into a corner and let the hot corner turn on the screensaver.

Just a moment ago I came back from 15 minutes of the app updating this way, and I was getting 0.12 or 0.13 percent per hour.  After turning off the screensaver::: the update process did begin to slow down again.

so::: to check your nice:::

the command is:

ps -O nice -p (your process PID here)

To update your nice::::

sudo renice 20 -p (your process PID here)

And lastly, I thought I'd try developing a small utility on this new 1.4ghz machine -----

I have to say, this is a slow machine.  A faster machine would really speed up the process I'm sure.

And I still have to figure out exactly what I'm doing to build that small utility anyways.

Who knows if I'll ever figure it out.


In the manpages it's confusing to figure out if -20 or 20 is high priority.  I've come to understand from experience that 20 is most likely high priority. I might be wrong. The documentation is confusing.

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