Sunday, August 12, 2018

My Most Honourable Male Friend

I was thinking about my friends when I was young.

In my last post I know I painted my male friends as troublemakers who were bad influences.

But that wasn't entirely true.

Everyone is imperfect, as they say, but when I thought about the different things I knew about my different friends ----- I have one male non-Mormon friend who stands out as being "more honorable" than the rest, as far as I knew him.

He and I didn't get along perfectly ---- but he was my friend, we grew up together, and I am not aware of anything so seriously wrong with him like could be said about so many of my friends.

Here's my clue as to who he was:::

He was my one and only friend who had a Nintendo and would invite me over to his house, and we would play his Nintendo.  He had seen so much Nintendo he had less interest in it than I, and would often take me out for bike rides.

he was also part of the "Sk8er" group in my grade 10 foods class, the group of friends that made me comparable to Avril's Sk8er Boi song.

He and I didn't get along perfectly, but he was, in fact, one of the Most honorable friends I think I had. He wasn't perfect, but he wasn't completely defective like so many were though.

What I was trying to say in my last blog post was that my "good influence Mormon friend" was disallowed from being friends with me, while all kinds of my "bad influence non-Mormon friends" were totally being permitted.

The fact that I had one non-Mormon friend who was actually honorable is just being noted so that not all "non-Mormons" are painted as bad.  What's weird is, that Sk8er group I was part of in Grade 10 foods was probably closest to being one of the most beneficial friendship groups I've ever been in ---- and I almost became the outcast or bad guy myself BECAUSE I WAS MORMON.  But they accepted me!  Amazing isn't it?

But that Grade 10 Foods group of friends only lasted for a little while in that small specific class during that time at school. It was over when the class was over.

ALSO::::: There were a couple of young men from the Mormon youth group who did accept me as a personal friend when I was young ----- I did have friends in the Mormon youth group ----- BUT BOTH OF THEM LEFT THE CHURCH WHEN THEY WERE STILL YOUTH AND DID NOT REALLY WANT TO ATTEND.

The only two guys who were Mormons who also specifically befriended me, both of them actually left the church shortly before I decided to high-tail it out of there too.

So:::: of the Mormon friends I did have ---- they did not stay Mormon.

and the ONE Mormon friend I had who was "Mormon and 'good influence' and didn't leave the church" ---- that friendship was forced to an end by those who had control.

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