Thursday, August 16, 2018

I've got a lot to talk about here

I've got so much on my mind to talk about, I'm not even sure I'll remember to say it all.

Last Sunday a popular financial show on Youtube had a segment where they talked about someone who I'm pretty sure was on the AiSH program here in Alberta. This youtube show is usually discussing American things, but this time it was Alberta's AiSH recipients.

The person in question wanted to buy a house, especially using insurance money. The advice given was to create a new career post-disability.

It was actually from this show that I learned about a new feature of the AiSH program which was apparently not widely publicized, because I had to do a Google search to find out the details about it.

So::: On aish, the maximum living allowance is $1588CAD per month, and your maximum asset limit is $100,000.

In this show, I learned there's another maximum asset limit of $3000 ---- this asset limit pertains to recipients of AiSH who make use of further AiSH benefits in the "personal benefits" or "child benefits" categories.

NOTE::::: I do not receive any extra benefits personally, I am just on the $1588 ---- I do have over $3000 in financial assets.

My goal is also to buy a house ----- which means I have to hit it really big on a project.

But here's the thing:::

I looked up recent aish news on google ----- to find out when the new Personal benefits came into effect.

I found no mention of "personal benefits" ---- but I did find a news article from 4 months ago that said there's new room for disabled people in Alberta to have more wealth.

The news article said that the goal is for the government to see disabled persons as "Investments" rather than as "lost money".

The lightbulb is flashing in my head.

Now I am reasonably certain of something:::::: The government of Alberta probably or mostly actually does take the money I earn.

I was an investment when they forced me on drugs and aish. They forced me into this disability program because I WAS AN INVESTMENT.

I remember the idea was that I was supposed to be fixed up so I'd get back into working order again.

So:::: In plain terms, chances are I actually "belong" to the Province of Alberta.

The reason I accepted AiSH is because after all the bullcrap of my childhood, the situation was so dire in my life, especially with a father who was usually unemployed and we were very poor.

I needed AiSH money in order to do pretty much anything interesting with my life - so I was forced on AiSH and the meds as an INVESTMENT OF THE GOVERNMENT.

Right now I'm just having this delusion that I am basically like a crown-corporation or something.

You never know:: I might be.

My memory isn't always very good. I just have some small idea in my head that the government invested in me, so when I make money with my work -- they are the ones who take that money.

The GOOD news::: being on AiSH and then working on a big project PAYS OFF.

Maybe it doesn't pay off as well as it would if I had been paid all the money personally from my earnings,

but the thing is:::: After publishing the Book of Finch, the monthly living allowance was increased by $400 ----- that's about a 30% increase, which is VERY SUBSTANTIAL.

After building all the video games ---- Now there are new Personal benefits and Child Benefits for those on the program who aren't saving like mad like I have been.

I just have some idea that the whole idea was to get me to be working disabled ---- and as such Alberta now has a very prestigious disability program (in Canadian terms) --------- the more we work and publish and earn money as disabled people ---- the more the Government of Alberta improves our benefits.

It's kind of like a provincially based communist community. For disabled people of course.

I wonder how much I've ever really earned on all my projects.

A number of years ago:::: I found a used copy of one of my books priced at 2.6 million dollars on Amazon:::: was that a clue?

Who knows how contrived the information I see on the internet is. Who knows.

So:::: After telling my psychiatrist yesterday about all that's been going on, and then telling her my financial situation I said "so, I'm surviving".

She said "Sounds like you are MORE than just surviving".

Life is getting better.

It's just too bad that I have to have less than $3000 of savings before I have any chance of receiving greater personal benefits.  How am I supposed to save up to buy a house if extra money is has such a low asset limit on it?

I understand why the government would put an asset limit on extra money::: so they don't have to spend that extra money on people who are capable or who are likely to save so much.

Basically:::: If you can save over $3000 --- then obviously you don't need extra help do you?

That's how I see the logic.


Earlier today one of my sisters and her kids were at our house.

I pulled out my guitar and started playing a bit ----- I know two songs, though the second song I'm not sure I'm doing it right -------

My niece said she wants a guitar ---- because she likes they way guitars sound.  She's a little musician --- she can play keyboard and recorder already.

Then later my other sister was at our house ---- her son now is learning the Ukelele. She thinks he now knows 4 chords. Awesome.

So::::: NOW my family is MUCH more musical than it was when I was a kid. My parents didn't really raise us kids with musical ability.

In school, my brother learned some guitar ----- but the guitar belonged to the school, and my parents were to poor to buy him one.

So:::: I was so poor, and I needed the government disability investment.

But yeah::::: In music class when I was in elementary school::: The best I could do is learn one bit of one song on keyboard ------- other than that I was a hopeless goner in music.

I was "lucky" I didn't have to do too much music because it was a subject I didn't really understand-----

but now, as an adult, I have a much better idea of what I'm doing. Music looked so hard and complicated when I was young ----- but now it's much easier to comprehend.

I've ordered a book that should help me learn Christmas Songs for Guitar. We'll see.


And FINALLY:::::: What is my next project going to be????

I'm leaning towards going back into the development business, like my new friends suggested -----

But I'm not going to go back into debt to pay for a project ------ so I'm going to start saving my money.

BUT---- this next month I'm planning on acquiring new eyeware, so that might cost a bit.

Maybe I could build a game for my phone on my current mac mini ---- but if I want to use Unity 3D, then I'm going to want a new mac mini. If I'm going to use Java --- I want a new Mac Mini.

Also:::: My current Mac mini has the 1gigabyte Fusion drive, and an external 2 terabyte hard drive -----

I'm using up SO MUCH hard drive space. I would want a new mac mini with a nice big hard drive. At least a 2terabyte fusion drive.

So:::: the costs add up, so it's likely going to be a while before I save enough to build another project.

I'll also need an idea for a project. I'm always or usually able to think of my own ideas, but I don't have one yet.

So:::: At very least, we'll have to way until the new mac mini models are released this fall.  And then we have to wait for me to have the money saved to buy what I need.

I just have to say:::: I do feel encouraged by my new "friends" ---- before I was wondering if people just hated me -----

Now I have some vocal social support from people I don't know, and I also now have some idea that the government likely just takes what I earn because I am an investment.

I like games, I like developing, and I like improving my benefits with what I earn. It's worthwhile.

Canada's a good country ---- Living like I do, like a socialist, isn't so bad::: it's a stable and reliable income. The worst that's happened so far is I had to pay for my own expensive medical procedure and that set my personal economy into stagnation.

NOTE::: My memory is bad enough that at this point the idea that the government just takes what I earn might still just be speculation.

But it seems also to be most likely what's going on. To me at least.

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