Thursday, August 30, 2018

It seems so unreal

Reality is strange.

What my reality is, most likely will seem like just fantasy and mental illness to someone else.

Like, seeing snazzily dressed 30s Jazz musicians at the Zoo, then finding they've followed me to the store ---- and then finding out I was the only one who could see them.

I've seen various "ghosts" and "angels" and I believe even Jesus -------

This, of course, is all written off as "just schizophrenia" by so many.

But what I'm about to say seems so unlikely that again, it doesn't seem real to some,

but it's absolutely 100% true.

How did I do it? Law of Attraction, Karma, basically just being a good and positive person through interaction with metaphysical laws ----- that's the best way I can describe how the following happened:::

About August or September or October 2017 ---- some time along those lines, I can't remember exactly which days.

I won $22 in profit on the lottery.

"big deal", you might think.

But the thing is::: I won that money after playing 4 times consecutively, and winning 5 out of those 4 times.

June of 2018

I won $1 in profit on the lottery.

Now you are rolling your eyes "really big deal" -----

But the thing is:::: I won the lottery 6/6 times in a row.

Now, just yesterday and the day before yesterday,

I broke perfectly even on the lottery.

Yeah----- again, I played 4 times and won 3/4 times.

It seems unbelievable --- but it's absolutely true.  I still have my lottery tickets from June and the past few days. But I'm probably going to cash in one of my tickets from yesterday so it won't last forever.

The best I understand, I'm just using Karma and the Law of Attraction to my advantage, by thinking, saying and doing good things. Being positive and good.

And it's working.

I would understand if you didn't believe me, but I'm saying this because I'm not sure what else to do about it.

Maybe I'm risking something by saying this, but who knows.

It's just a very interesting truth/fact of my life I've found.

It seems unbelievable ---- except it is the truth.

And I've got the proof from June, and I've got the last 3 days tickets here, they can be examined and verified, until I cash in one of yesterday's tickets.

The odds, the chances of this happening, are very very slim.

So, that just leaves me with a magical universe to believe in. No other option, other than to become paranoid and say "it's a conspiracy!"

Magic seems real enough to me now, like it has so for long.

I realize I might be risking something by saying this, but I just don't know what else to do about this situation other than mention it.

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