Wednesday, August 8, 2018

I received some encouragement

After all this time having my games for sale ----- I said people could write comments suggestions and bug reports to me -------

but today was probably one of the earliest personal contacts from the OUYA community - a couple guys decided to chat with me.

We talked about a bunch of stuff or a bit of stuff which was almost a bunch -----

I just feel appreciated now ---- he/they encouraged me to build another game. They were fans.

So that was nice.

I might not have mentioned this on my website, but I noticed the day they decided to contact me was AUGUST 8th 2018 -------


Huh. yeah. It seems foreboding. Or at least a bit historical in someone's life.

So yeah ----- turns out there are other people out there ------ and they did enjoy my games, and did want me to continue with the business.

We'll see ----- I would need a new creative idea, funding for the new version of Unity, equipment, app store publishing access -------- and it's hard to think of sinking the money at this point when historically sales seemed so dismal.

But it was really nice of them to encourage me. They even said they'd check out my book! Hah ---- we'll see.

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