Tuesday, August 7, 2018

I Built a Mac Utility!

Using my 1.4ghz Mac Mini and XCode I've managed to build a utility.

I figured I wanted an easy way to monitor processor usage on my mac --- especially when the screensaver is turned on,

so I built a utility that beeps and records every second that my mac uses over a user-specified percentage of processing power.

You can specify if you want to monitor User CPU usage, System CPU usage, or both at the same time.

So::: rather than keeping the Activity Monitor open and letting it chew up resources -- with much less processor usage I can now get a good idea of when your CPU is being used, now even when the screensaver is turned on!

I'm pretty happy with myself for figuring this one out.

I'm thinking I might try selling this utility plus my two other mac apps in my bitcoin store ----- but we'll wait and see before we're sure I want to.

Oh sure, I could set up a website and let people download my little programs for free ----- but then I'd likely be paying for the website and I'd see no income -----

Therefore I can save my money by not setting up a website, and then make money by having people pay me bitcoin for my apps. Sounds good to me.

So yeah, I've got a little "CPU Usage Checker" app now. I feel like I've accomplished something.

Maybe I'll eventually sell it in my bitcoin store.

I just have to hope that people will finally start wanting to actually spend their bitcoins or spend their money on anything I might try.

I'm getting used to the dearth of sales ----- but considering the cheapness of my e-products historically I basically have to scratch my head about how people just wouldn't pay anything.

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