Thursday, August 30, 2018

Another Update Today

Though I may have few people to talk to, it seems expedient to write down my thoughts and experiences in this blog. Better than keeping a journal. Better than writing emails too.

1) My AiSH Health Benefit Card for September still hasn't arrived. I think usually it would be here by now.

2) I'm really loving guitar ---- but today, as I was pleasing myself with some home-made music, my high-e string broke. I tried replacing it with a replacement that came with the guitar ---- I think I did something wrong and the replacement broke too. It's a pain to replace the strings, but I think I'm having a better idea in my mind about what I did wrong now actually. I hope.

I also will probably want to get a "music stand" someday ----- I bought some Christmas Sheet Music but I have no place to put the book where it would be handy to look at while playing.

3) Despite my absolutely "crazy" (or seemingly unreal) experiences, I feel like I am recovering from the worst parts of my "mental illness" when I was having problems.

But, I have absolutely grown completely used to the idea of not marrying, just living with my parents, where I am, actually, quite comfortable living.

When I was young, I had plans and ideas, a lot of which involved getting out of this house ----- but things went so absolutely wrong, that now I feel like I'm going to live here forever, and now I'm so comfortable it doesn't seem so bad.

If I were to marry, I'd probably have to move out. But I mostly stopped being interested in women.

If I were to get a real job doing something like --- who knows, books, games, maybe even music ---- you'd think I'd leave home, except I am introverted and can't drive, so I'm still basically disabled ----- and I don't make any money from anything I do anyway.

If it's not broke, don't fix it.

I am quite happy and comfortable to live at home with my parents. Especially as no one would pay me money for my work, I have nothing else better to do.

My Dad just called me. It's time to go.

So this blog post is basically just to talk about some recent things and what's on my mind. Not that it matters much. If you care, then thanks for caring.

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