Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Unexpected Mail

In Guitar news::: I've learned Major Chords for C, E, F, A, D and G. I am still yet to really learn a B Chord. I can play them. I think I have them memorized.  It's a matter of practicing them so they become second nature, and being able to quickly switch between them.

I also realized a better way to connect the strap to the guitar --- (I think I was doing it "a" wrong way before) ----- I think that piece of string connected to the strap can be used to hang the guitar on the wall.  That sounds like a plan. I think I could if I took down or moved a poster from my brother's old university days and if I moved my big plastic spaceship toy off my bar fridge.


Usually, it's my Dad receiving multiple packages a day in the mail.

Now, on Monday I got two packages (which I ordered), on Tuesday I got my guitar, and today I got one package which I had ordered and I knew was coming, and something else which came as a big surprise.

Someone put me on a mailing list for a construction and building supplies catalog. I think it comes from Edmonton.

The only thing I can think of doing with this catalog is maybe trying to figure out how to access that recently announced Federal Funding for housing homeless people.

I had an idea that IF I had made 20 to 50 million dollars from my past projects that I could have moved on to solve homelessness in Calgary.

Just a little while later the Federal Government announced BILLIONS of dollars towards ending homelessness.

I wonder if this construction catalog is a clue that I should be involved in the project.

Here's the issues:::

1) I have no idea how or where to look to acquire the funding needed to build houses, I'm sure there's a way but I don't know what it is.

2) It's my brother-in-law who works as a carpenter who builds houses. I am just unskilled "helping hands" labor if and when I've helped him work. And right now he's working on a big project for a local public entity. Maybe I can talk to my brother-in-law and maybe he'll have some idea how to apply for the federal funds someday to work on building houses for homeless people.

So, I don't really personally have all the expertise, I'd heavily be relying on my brother-in-law to figure out if this is something HE wants to do.

It would have been much easier for me to earn my millions and for me to just talk to my brother directly with my own funding.  There's a big ???? in my mind on how to access federal funding to do the same thing.

And 3) I have NEVER learned to drive, nor can I afford to learn, nor can I afford a car, nor a truck, nor insurance ---- not on just AiSH.

A big part of it is just getting funding to do things. The other part of it is seeing if my brother-in-law would want to work on such a project after finishing his current project.

Soooo:: An unexpected construction supplies catalog appeared in the mailbox for me out of the blue ----- another thing I need to build houses for homeless people to understand how to get the funding.

And it would be my brother-in-law doing and organizing the heavy work anyway. I am unskilled labor when it comes to construction, and I have minimal experience personally.

That's ONLY IF I really am being urged to actually house the homeless people. That's the one and only reason I can think of why such a catalog would be sent to me ------ but another part of me realized there could have been a completely different reason that I have no clue about.


So I'm just really excited to be playing guitar now. It is actually SO MUCH FUN!!!!

My good sister is going to learn and teach her own kids about playing Ukelele.

My bad sister is having her daughter learn piano. (better equipment and playing area than what I had too) ------

I can only dream how this might turn out if we have a guitar, 3 ukeleles, and a piano.  That's a long way down the road though.

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