Friday, July 13, 2018

Recorded my first music at home

I've had this guitar for only a few days now, and I've already recorded my first song.

I think it was yesterday I figured out how to play a common and short public domain song ----

And I am getting better and better at playing or fretting the Cowboy Chords -----

So today I wrote and recorded my first song ever. And then I re-did it and re-recorded it to make it better.

You can definitely tell that it's a "garage band quality" recording ---- no professional equipment here,

just me, QuickTime, and a cheap webcam with a cheap microphone that's recording the music and the singing.

It sounds OK --- but you can tell it's a cheap microphone.

I like my song. I wrote it, it's fun for me. It's about something I hold dear.

Besides the recording quality, the other part of it that might be lacking is my vocals ---- my voice might not be the greatest ------ as well as professional musicians have figured out better ways to compose and play music than myself I'm sure ------ I'm just an amateur.

As well::: I'm a solo act, while bands with multiple instruments are usually going to sound better.

But it's the song that counts:::: I like the song, it's about something good, which is important to me.

Maybe it would make more sense to record a song with higher quality equipment ---- therefore I'm not likely to release what I have done today.

But I like it, and I'm happy. That's what counts I guess.


As I checked my email as I wrote this blog post, I noticed I keep getting these messages in my Junk folder saying something about paying me money -------

Again, such messages tickle my hopes, but of course, you know a lot can't be trusted unless it's clearly coming through a legitimate channel --- not the junk mail folder.

Just tickles my hopes, and plays with my heart, to see offers of payment that probably aren't real while not getting paid legitimately for the work I have done. OH well.

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