Monday, July 2, 2018

On LDS "Service Work"

It's been a while since my last post ---- and I really struggled to come up with something else to say.

But a topic did come into my mind, so this is what I have to say:::::

When I was growing up in the LDS/Mormon church, we were taught to live by following a concept known as "Service Work".

"Service work" is a classic example of the LDS Church changing the definitions of words again.

In Letters to Whomever, if I remember correctly, I think at least twice I mentioned or made reference to a desire I had to "work for free".

This desire to work for free was basically the LDS Church's influence in my life, I almost have to wonder if I was hypnotized to say those words --------

Because in LDS Mormonism, "Service Work" is the term or phrase the church would use to describe someone freely giving of their time and efforts.

I believe my patriarchal blessing said I should give freely of my time and efforts.


In Mormonism:::: Service work = working for free.

In Regular society::::: Service work can be taxed, which means it's not free.

Mormonism's "service work" is basically what regular people call "slavery" ---- the Mormons just call it something different than usual.

Just like how it's "Sacred" not "secret" or definitions of the word "forgive" that change every few decades.

The truth is, my family really tried to follow Mormonism for quite a while ------ and what happened?

My Dad and I both worked on different software projects in different computer eras ------ and we were not paid much at all -----------   so we were essentially much poorer than we should have been.

I suppose the fact I didn't get paid by OUYA is kind of OK seeing as how I get plenty of disability from the provincial government -------

But in reality ---------- If the LDS Church wants to be so darned supportive of capitalism as Ezra Taft Benson said they are ------- then they of all people should have understood the concept of paying people for their work.

Anyway ---------- I'm just noting my frustration about all the work we would do growing up and how we practically didn't get paid.

We were always so poor despite our efforts.

And then the church would actually take 10% of the income we did have away from us.

SO::: we were doing all this work for free, living very poor, and what income we do have the church then takes an additional 10% of that.

What I'm saying is:::::  Economically the LDS Church is a really, really bad plan or bad idea.

You have to do normal work at a regular job on top of doing all this free work, and what you do get paid they take 10%.

Then, when you're like me, you've got to:::

1) Service Work
2) Church
3) Church Activities (like regular morning seminary)
4) School
5) Homework
6) Get a regular job to pay for a mission
7) Pay to serve a mission
8) Pay 10% of your income to the church

Basically:::: There aren't enough days in the week to do everything you're supposed to do.

It's OK to do some work for free ----- but anyone with a brain should be able to tell that everyone needs to live their lives and make their livelihood ------ which means you'd sure as heck better be working for money.

SO:::: when I grew up in Mormonism, I was brainwashed by this idea called "Service Work".

"Service Work" was basically just re-named "slavery" that you had to do on top of your regular tithing.

I grew up very poor, and with all the crap that was going on it started becoming very hard to do any work at all (with my mental state) much less spend time working for free AND for money to serve a mission.

Basically, I was being overworked, overly mistreated, and I lost my mind. And I was quite poor for most of that time.

Anyway:::::  I recommend throwing the LDS Doctrine of "service work" out the window now:::: (in contrast to me in my old book saying I felt like "working for free" -------

When you work, try to get paid!! at least enough to live on!!

And yeah, this is basically just what I had on my mind ----- I was looking for something to say after all this time.

And in other news, my Mother has finally retired from her job ------ and because I've never received payment from OUYA and I barely got paid anything by my book publishers ------- everyone in my family now will be on retirement or disability of some sort.

So it's just too bad people wouldn't pay me for books or OUYA ----- because if people did pay me that would have facilitated me and encouraged me to keep working.

So:::: If I'm not writing books or OUYA ----- then what am I doing???  I'm not really sure right now------- but I can only imagine that it would have been better for everyone if I had something good and peaceful to do that I got paid for rather than not getting paid and then having nothing to do, and no products to provide besides this blog.

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