Monday, July 9, 2018

Interesting News

Today I did a single search on a single search engine (not Google) for my ebooks, checking how the pirating is going.

To my surprise::: I couldn't find a single pirating site with my book(s) listed.


A few hours later, or a while later, I got a phone call from a  number I did not recognize.

As per usual with numbers I don't recognize, I screened it.  The answering machine message was just a "BEEP!"

I looked up the number online.

Georgia Area Code. Seeing the name "Georgia" as the location of the area code reminded me of how my preferred font when publishing my books was Georgia.

I found a phone website that said the caller was a publisher.

I looked up the publisher's website::::

A Georgian Self-Publisher who I had not heard of before was what phoned me.

Though interesting, and though I do have most of another manuscript here, I'm not sure I really want to publish anything again right now.

But yeah::: I got a phone call, screened it, and now I'm wondering since it involves book publishing.


In other news, last Friday I ordered my first guitar online. I'm waiting for it to come from a courier.

I'm going to train myself to play guitar, watching youtube videos and watching the instructional discs that come with the guitar.

It's finally about time I did that I think. :) I did it on a whim, I just randomly felt like suddenly buying a guitar. Anyway.

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