Tuesday, July 10, 2018

I Am Learning Guitar!

Today a courier delivered an acoustic "Maestro by Gibson" guitar to my house.

I opened it up, tuned it, and got started on a Youtube lesson video.

I did the first few lessons in one sitting, and then some practice in a second sitting. Not so much "sitting" actually --- I'm finding that I prefer to stand.

I know two chords now, and I just need some practice to figure out the skills or the best way to switch between the two of them.

I know A Major and E Major.

I feel so cool ----- and this is more fun than the piano lessons I originally tried in my first musical endeavors.

This might be because I have the "perfect" equipment to play with - in the perfect space to play it in right with my guitar ----- while my equipment and playing area was not so great when I was trying piano.

It's fun, it's cool.


On a side note:::: I now notice how the Apple App store is seemingly tailor-made to your usage style.

What I mean is:::: I was a writer for a while, so the App Store would advertise apps like Scrivener and iA Writer -----

but now that I've downloaded a tuner for iOS, when I opened the app store to do an update --- a music app called "Capo" was right there at the top for us musical people.

I didn't use to see music apps there. So, I guess the app store has some tailoring it the advertising.


Anyway ---- it's lots of fun to strum the guitar and play the two chords I know ---- it definitely exercise! And that's good!

Just need to learn my chords well enough that  I should be able to quickly switch between them when playing.

I am so happy and excited now to do be doing this. Thank God.

You'd think I could have bought a guitar long ago ------

I grew up poor, my brother learned some guitar in school but he couldn't keep it and my parents didn't buy him one --- much like they never bought us a Nintendo.

I suppose if I didn't waste so much money gambling then maybe I could have easily bought this long ago:::: but with the gambling as part of my budget, there have been times when I've needed every dollar available to me in order to get by -------- and even now the only reason I'm able to afford this is because of an ex-Premier who increased my disability payments and the fact that I am now paying off my debts every month and am going to try to stop going into debt altogether now.

So:::: for so long I wouldn't have been able to afford it with my budget. Now I've got minimal debt, a positive net worth, and I figured I could just sneak this guitar into being afforded.

What do I plan on doing as a musician?

I mostly intend just to play for myself and my family at this point. If I get really good maybe I'll create some of my own songs, and maybe sell those songs for bitcoin on this website. Who knows.


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