Sunday, July 15, 2018

Encountering Problems with my Music

I have my first song which I've made for guitar::: but as I was trying to rehearse the lyrics to myself multiple times yesterday to myself without the guitar ----- I found I had some pretty bad memory problems where a verse or half a verse would just disappear from my memory.

I'd have to review the text of the lyric on my phone - I think I have fully remembered the lyrics now ------ but I was having some pretty bad memory problems for a little while.

Today I was practicing my cowboy chords when I realized that my "C Chord" is really bad. In fact::: I'm not sure I ever did the C Chord the right way. Which means that video I made of myself playing that public domain song---- was wrong.

So:::: I figured out a better way to play the C Chord that seems st work better.

Rather than using my first three fingers, I figured I should use my first third and fourth fingers to play the chord.

I also figured out that sitting down is now easier than standing up when playing.

Before I liked standing up because I was able to "dance" a little bit while I played ----- but now sitting down is good because I have better control over my fingers this way. I think.

So:::: the biggest problems with my C Chord are:::: 1) I have a tendency to hit the low E string when I shouldn't ---- and 2) just trying to get a good sound out of the strings I am supposed to play was difficult. Problem #2 seems to be "fixed" by playing with my new finger setup though.

Yesterday as I looked at what to learn next::: the CAGED system seemed interesting but also seemed too difficult for my forgetful mind ------- so I'm thinking I might learn the minor chords next--- that seems easier.

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