Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Did some searching

So, I lay down to some Youtube on my iPad.

My feed showed me a video of a woman who self-published her first book and made a bunch of money.

I'm sitting here, wondering, why didn't I get any sales? Why were massive amounts of pirating reported but pretty much zero sales?

I did a search on Google for "kris attfield ebook download".

This is what I found:

Um. I am so disappointed.

I did all that work. I got all that exposure.

And yet all those thousands of people on OUYA wouldn't pay me a dime ---- not for a single thing I did.

All these games. All these books.

The vast majority didn't pay a cent.

OMG.  Seeing this girl be successful and now seeing my ebook which shouldn't be available anymore on an "ouyareviews" website feels like such a rip-off.

I generally look at OUYA as a good thing::: it was a good opportunity for some occupational therapy.

But the quality of the people who used OUYA? I mean: seriously::: sure they didn't have to buy any video games:::: but STEALING MY BOOKS?????  Could they SERIOUSLY NOT PAY A DIME???

What a rip off. They don't even bother to donate any bitcoin to me.

Is everyone just really cheap or does the world just hate me?

Want to know how many copies of Aftermath I sold? That ebook listed in the search above?

I sold like ONE copy --- -and that copy was REFUNDED.  NOBODY PAID A DANG CENT.

I was raised to always forgive everyone::: but my family eventually learned to decide that the "forgive everyone" rule was really quite abusive.

I am feeling a bit ticked off.

This is NOT COOL what these people did. It's one thing to not pay for games that are offered freely, or to download a freely offered ebook ----- but to STEAL EBOOKS????? SERIOUSLY????

Now I'm just getting upset.


If there's any good news, that thumb pick I bought today allows me to play a better C Chord on my guitar. Yay.


Does the world just hate me? I mean - seriously:::: it's like I've been hated since my early childhood, and the problems just proceed and continue growing up even into adulthood. Seriously. Give me a break.

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