Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Another way to be wrong no matter what

I realized something now, with my recent blog post and all the complaining on Youtube about 'prosperity preachers'.

It doesn't matter what the preacher does in regards to work and finances::: they're wrong.

As I illustrated in my last blog post::::  If a preacher preaches the "service" gospel which can easily be renamed the "slavery" gospel ----- then they get damned for preaching slavery.

But if the preacher teaches paying money for work, then that preacher could easily get damned for being a "prosperity" preacher.

In the Book of Mormon, the righteous prosper. And then they usually eventually fall and get damned.

While slavery is just as frowned upon by society.

I'm sitting here going ??????

How is a preacher supposed to deal with that?  If they preach "service" then I'd damn them for slavery,

While if they preach paid work, they get damned for being prosperity preachers.

Where's the middle ground where your not a slave or underpaid but you are also not being damned for your prosperity???

It seems like an unwinnable-situation here.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

If your a preacher who gets paid for your work, but they keep you on the bare-minimum of payment ------- can that really be referred to as a "successful ministry"?  I don't know -- I'm maybe not experienced enough with that sort of thing ---------

If I am considered a minister with the book s I've written, I definitely don't FEEL successful without getting paid, and being on the bare minimum of AiSH I do kind of wish I could work for more.

How am I supposed to be a traveling preacher to the nations on AiSH-only? I guess I'd need to discover teleportation or something.

I guess it might be simply a matter of preference::: You get what you ask for. And you may be wrong no matter how you ask for it.


In other news, I was having thoughts like:

So::: the church leaders put so much pressure on me to serve a mission, and the church turned out not to be true ---- So why on earth are some people so obsessed with saying these leaders can't be criticized?

IF the church was true::: then why can't the leaders be criticized for forcing me on drugs for believing in the miracles they told me to believe in?

Obviously, something was very wrong with what I experienced at church ------ but there appears to have been an absolute demand that they can't be criticized for it.

I guess maybe part of the problem is true believers or true Christians versus people who don't actually believe and are just there for the culture.

Another problem::: Even though Joseph Smith Jr obviously got it wrong, why then are there somehow actual magical miracles in the church anyways?

Anyway, the main point of this post is to say how sad it is we damn preachers for slavery on one end, and damn them for prosperity on the other -------- and how the middle ground of being on AiSH leaves a traveling-preacher like me wanting so much more.

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