Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Very Special Birthday

Today is my 34th birthday. It has been a very special day for me for two big reasons I can think of at this moment:::

1) You know how since I was like, 13 years old I had been calling myself the name "Finch" as an online gaming moniker?

Well, today, on my birthday, "Santa Sparrow" came for a visit. I'm not kidding ----- a Sparrow decided to come down our chimney. This has never happened with a bird before --- so it's very coincidental that it would happen on my birthday.

For all concerned, my Dad was able to safely free the bird and send it on its way back outdoors. It flew straight out.

2) For as long as I can remember, every time I had a birthday ------ someone from the Mormon/LDS Church would ALWAYS contact me for my birthday.

This year is the FIRST YEAR that I received NO CONTACT from the church over my birthday.

I guess what I told the Bishop last year was just too logical for him to want to contact me again.

I did receive contact from someone I knew at church earlier this year (not birthday related) ---- but a simple message about how the church always says "Forgive everything" and then the church consistently failed to forgive me of anything ---- that message stopped her from continuing with me.


The church said they wanted me to be a traveling preacher to the nations. If they really want me to do that job ----- then why isn't the church buying my books?

The church behaves all friendly and they want me to do all this expensive work for them ------ but when it comes down to brass tax ------- 99.999% of them fail to buy anything from me.

If the church REALLY wanted me to serve as their preacher ---- you'd think they'd go ahead and buy my book!!! OMG.

Rather than telling me to work miracles and then forcing me on drugs for believing in miracles.

Yeah ---- something just wasn't working out there.

In other news:::::

I know I made mention of an idea I had that I could get a business internet connection and set up my own server so I can serve my games and stuff to the internet myself.

But then I had a discussion with my Dad about how it makes more sense for people to PAY ME to send them my files (like in email), rather than for me to pay more so others can avoid paying me.

So::::: if I release any more projects or files or anything;::: expect it in my bitcoin store for a fee and not a free download,

because we decided to lock in with a cheaper home connection for 2 more years rather than splurge on a more expensive business connection.

No Krisattfield server today, sorry.

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