Saturday, July 28, 2018

A Little Bit of Work

I wrote a blog post (which I deleted after a day) where I complained about how my Mom wouldn't let me play my guitar at a family event.

At another recent family event, I was permitted to play my guitar. Yay.


The real news:::

My brother-in-law still has lots of work to do on his current project for a local public entity ---- so there's no way he'll work on anything else any time soon (I'm guessing) and because it's his business, and because I haven't talked to him about it for a while, there's really no guarantee that I'd be able to convince him to figure out how to build houses for homeless people.

Again, that houses for homeless people idea was what I would have done if I had made 20=50million on my past projects.

The only reason the idea is still an issue is because I was saying if God handed me a lottery win I could do such a thing anyway. Just shortly after those statements, the local federal government decided to spend a couple billion dollars on such projects, so that was *kind of* like the lottery win I was looking for --- not that I know how to access the federal funding, nor do I know how to build houses by myself. I was going to forget the issue until a little while ago I received a big construction supplies catalog from Edmonton which was pretty interesting.

But really, it's up to my brother-in-law ---- he's the guy who does that stuff.  If I had made my money on my past projects, I could easily just have hired him to help me with my idea. So who knows how to access federal funding? I don't know. So, No promises.....

But the whole reason I'm reminding you of the above storyline is this:::::

Today I was actually able to help my brother-in-law in an aspect of his business on his current project! Yay! Of course, I was just involved in a technical aspect, not in a real sweat-of-the-brow way ------- but, nonetheless, my brainpower actually helped my brother-in-law achieve a goal at his current work-place ------ I basically happened to be the cog in the machine that really got things moving ----- with my thinking.

This might sound like I'm "tooting my own horn" ------

But after losing my elite schooling to severe mental illness, going through years of "mental deprecation" due to the illness ----- and now recovering and actually doing something useful that only I appeared to be able to do ------- yes ------ after knowing what it's like to be down and out, and now getting back into gear, I am actually feeling quite proud of myself.

Mormonism teaches against pride or pridefulness ------ but I think the extreme humility I tried to express in my childhood may have helped lead to my downfall -------

So now, yes I'm just tooting my own horn over what a good job I did helping my brother-in-law at his business. Yippeee.

That's the big news story of the day. As well as, I figured I should find something to talk about on my blog.

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