Monday, June 11, 2018

Would You Believe this?


Recently on my blog, I told my idea for a sliding scale rent system that could be used to house homeless people in Calgary.

I also mentioned fundraising for Plan Canada ---- a charity that tries to enhance the rights of women in third world countries.

I received a couple emails back then ------- very interesting (and I'm not sure I entirely understood, as one email was the type one would normally regard as spammy and the other I just didn't understand) but obviously someone was watching --- because usually, people don't send me email.

Anyway:::: Who knows how big this blog really is, because the two issues I discussed on my blog:::

Housing homeless Canadians and helping 3rd World Females ----------


1) Plan Canada sent me an email:::

Subject: The historic G7 announcement you helped achieve

Woah --- I helped achieve this??? I mean, if we are literally referring to just me here, then this is becoming a really, really small world. Who else was involved???

"This past weekend, I had the honour to represent you and help voice the call for their needs to be met, as global leaders gathered for the G7 Leadership Summit in Quebec, Canada"

Here we go, it's directly related back to me again in this email.

Short of it is;::: $3.8 billion has been committed to help educate children in emergencies.

Wow! That's awesome!!!

And the email is written in such a way it makes me feel like I was somehow personally responsible.

Is that a plural "you" or a singular "you" in the subject and in the writing?

Maybe Canadians should adopt the word "yall" so we'd be able to distinguish between the plural and singular.

Well, I discussed it on my blog::: now there's billions for education. Awesome!!!

2) I was watching the news::::::

You know how I was talking about my ideas on reducing homelessness in Calgary right?

Well, on the news I just learned that the Canadian Government is now spending something around 2 billion dollars on housing the homeless, money with fewer restrictions than usual.

Wow! Again!!!

So:::: I just discussed Plan ::: boom 3.8 billion ------ I just discussed Canadian homelessness::: boom ~2 billion.

It's like they're watching me.

But considering some of the absolutely amazing marvelous stuff that happened recently in my life, like on the level of miraculous, I guess this cannot be considered a big surprise.

I've known that I've been watched for quite a long time now. I was just one of those really impressive Grade A students.  Heck --- they outright told me I was on the psychiatric watch list years ago. I guess that's an OK watch list to be on ------- but in some ways it's really not alright that you'd be on such a watch list.  But anyway.  They're just trying to help I guess.

Anyway --- yeah. There you go. I talked on my blog about this, and then big announcements were made.

But seriously, I'm not going into detail on my blog, but there was at least one pretty interesting miracle that happened that I discussed in email ----- anyway.


What's the likelihood that I'd actually do some work on stuff like this myself???

I'd be most comfortable working with money that I earn or win in the lottery.

Problem however:::: though my family is "sealed" together by the Mormon church ----- we aren't necessarily completely united or functional about anything.

I may have been manic as I wrote about homelessness --- today and more recently I had started feeling depressed ----- although today's news has lifted my spirits quite a bit.

I can't even drive a car ---- am I even qualified to take on any such task? I would need family help in order to do anything I think, and historically my family hasn't been the most supportive.

We get along with each other ------- but we've seen our downs, even if they don't seem like major downs.

I'm not sure how much I could personally accomplish with my group actually trying to actually do anything --------

But if I made 20-50 million dollars somehow, I had my idea on how I'd manage my own money in helping homeless people.

Not sure if taking government funding for my idea is really right though. It was my idea about something I might do privately.

Bah - I dunno. Now I'm just rambling. I'm just not sure I'm really qualified to actually take on the task is all I'm saying.

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