Tuesday, June 26, 2018

What I Risk Becoming

Today I was playing with my nephew --- a foam sword fight.

As we were playing, I put my hand on my belly, and I felt something weird in or near my belly-button.

I told my nephew that there seemed to be something strange underneath my shirt ---- so I untucked my shirt from my pants to retrieve what had basically been hiding in my belly-button.

Half a peanut.


I mean ----- either this was some kind of magic trick played by some higher power that was supposed to be entertaining for my young family member ---------

or I've become so fat and slovenly that I don't even realize I'm dropping peanuts in my belly-button when I eat.

It doesn't even make sense ----- I'm always wearing a shirt --- except for when I shower.  How on earth did a peanut end up there????

Anyway ------ A little while ago I purchased a very-very comfortable chair and put it in my bedroom so I can sit on something extra-nice while watching shows.

I'm noticing that there's no shortage of food in my life and that I probably eat too much.

And my physical activity isn't as much as it should be.

Sometimes when I'm lying alone in bed, I have a realization that I could end up being one of those ultra-overweight people who is bed-ridden who is constantly ordering delivery for every meal.

This might be a reason why I need a family --- just to keep me encouraged to keep walking or whatever.

Anyway -------- I just notice how sedentary my life has become -------- and my fat and slovenly self can be illustrated with how I mysteriously or magically found a peanut in my belly-button as I was sword fighting my nephew.

I just don't understand how that peanut got there ------- except that I am kind of a couch-potato these days --- especially with my new comfy chair.

This blog post is just me talking about my realization that I might go in a bad direction health-wise with all my eating and sitting around.

Maybe another sad thing I can mention is that I don't really have friends.

I kicked the LDS Church out of my life ----- so I don't hang around with those people.

All I've really got is

my family
my psychiatric community

and I get mixed-messages from Avril Lavigne.

I don't even worry about Facebook.

So:::::: I'm fat and lonely. My potential future looks like a downhill slide.

But then again ------ who knows if something really good will happen.

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