Sunday, June 10, 2018

Played some Forge TV

Yesterday one of my nephews was over at my house, and he and I decided to sit down for some video games. Forge TV time.

I almost never get to play video games with other people ---- everyone in my household except myself is basically too disabled to play games. My other relatives are either too busy or too young.

Anyway:::: I think The Bananatree Brothers: Eat Carrots was actually a big success at this point: I've now managed to play that game with my brother-in-law's brother and my nephew and they both really liked it.

One of the reasons I gave that game away for free was because I wasn't sure people were going to like it since it was basically a new idea for a video game ----- but so far, with the few chances I've had to play, it's been really well accepted.

Last night, after my nephew was gone, I decided to check out my OUYA portal to see what kind of action my games have had on the store::::

Both OUYA and Cortex have seen quite a bit of action with people downloading my games within the past couple months as near as I could tell ---- I was so happy to see that people were still interested.

Of course, as has become expected::: I saw zero sales reported.

Possible reasons for why I might not collect my own sales::: 1) Maybe I'm paying the government back for the benefits they've given me (just maybe) and 2) Maybe I offered my revenue to a charity a long time ago (also just maybe).   I don't know exactly which it is, but I'm guessing it might be something along those lines.

OUYA was absolutely wonderful to me::::: Before I went into OUYA I was afraid that my brain was too broken to actually complete a project ------ for years my mind had been a wreck and I had dropped out of school and I wasn't sure I'd be able to handle programming a video game.

I think OUYA was like occupational therapy for me or something like that ---- it was awesome ---- I learned that I was actually capable, and I stopped feeling so ill and now these days I feel like I am largely recovering from my problems.

On one hand, I very much had a mental difficulty,

while in another sense there very really was a very real magic in my life and existence.

Part of the problem though was that the magic of the Law of Attraction had been used to cause my mental illness::::: the people around me seemed to demand my downfall. It's too bad my own family couldn't be more supportive of me in my efforts to succeed.

Miracles are definitely real, however. There's no questioning a magical reality for me anymore. There absolutely is a God.

It was really just too bad that the patriarch gave me miracles but all people wanted, including people in my own family, all they wanted was mental illness. For some reason --- I'm not sure why.

Anyway --- OUYA was great --- pulled me out of that mental illness rut ---- I'm happier and feel more recovered now.

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